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6 Mos Update

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In early January my mom was dx with early stage iv (non small cell), immediately started on chemo in 3 week cycles (two mess week 1, one med week 2, week 3 was no meds). I was so scared...I still am....but hearing her staging was soooo scary. Carbo and Gemzar were her 2 meds.
Halfway through treatment, we took a scan, had seen slight improvement, so continued on same cycle. During the 2nd half of treatment, she had blood issues, so the meds were reduced in strength. Just received results from her "final" scan from bout 1....the cancer made a comeback (doc believes is due to reducing chemo strength). Now, we had a biopsy, and doc will likely make a complete overhaul to the treatment plan. Biopsy was needed because the very first biopsy only secured enough cells to confirm the general type of lung cancer (non-small cell), could not identify the sub category One of her metastasis sites is on the liver. It was a small spot at the beginning, now is roughly the size of a ping pong ball. The doc took a biopsy of this today, we have a follow up appointment next Thursday.
I can see how this will never become less scary, but it somehow becomes easier to "manage". The stats are against her, but she is committed to fighting! I am so proud of her for her approach to this damned disease! My wife is making t-shirts for our family, to participate in a 5K that supports Lung Cancer in the Cincinnati area this weekend. This event will be a great way to help her recharge her batteries and prepare for the next battle. The first round was a tie.....now, she's going to step up her game during the next round!

I appreciate anyone taking the time to read this, and allowing me this chance for my "therapy" to write about this.....sorry it's not more organized, this was an impromptu decision while watching my mom make all the shirts.

Thanks again,

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I'm glad your mom is doing well. My mom got diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer on March 1st and it's been one hell of a journey. She immediately started chemo (12 treatments total) and radiation (37 total). Unfortunately my moms cancer has spread to her brain, skull, and spine. At this point they are doing radiation mainly to control her pain. It is very discouraging for someone to go through treatment and still have the damn cancer spread. I wish you and your mom all the best.

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I found a great cookbook that will help with stepping up the game... Eating Well Through Cancer: Easy Recipes & Recommendations During & After Treatment by Holly Clegg and Gerald Miletello. Has great recipes and comments by doctor who tell you about the ingredint why this will help and what it will help.

My husband was diagnosed with non small cell in June 2011. It started as stage 3B and is now stage 4. He is currently on his fourth line chemotherapy each one has shown some shrinkage but then later shows the cancer continues to grow and spread. I have read a lot of information about survival rates and you are right the odds are stacked against them but their positive attitude can take them a LONG, LONG ways! And, I have learned it helps me, as the caregiver too to keep one. We are realists, we know it isn't going to end well but we try to make the best of the time we have together.

I wish you and yours the best :) keep smiling, keep encouraging. It's tough and you need to take time for your self to just be sad, angry, or whatever too but don't let it take over. Be strong.

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Hi Christopher, I will be praying for your mother and you. I was also told in Jan of this year I had stage 4 lung cancer OMG!!
Life for me and my family changed over night. I just finished heavy duty treatment in march and my recent ct scan showed the treatment shrunk my tumor and lymph noids. So as of now things look good. Doctors tell me the real test is at 6 months following my Chemo and Radiation pray all shows well. Im 51 still young have 4 kids and 6 grandbabes. Its such a scary road from day to day. Good luck to your mom and God give both of you strength!

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