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whats ok to post..from a new one..

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Hello everyone !
Just curious, what's exceptable to post here ? I love the varied opinions I have read, and want to read more ! I am a junk store, and garage sale junkie. Have found cool what I think....good quotes. (not biblical thou) I also love music, and areosmith has been stuck in my head for days..love some of their lyrics...now that I'm middle age LOL they seem to have more meaning to me. Just wanting to not offend another survivor, that's not why I'm here ever ! I'm just so tired of the medical end of things...somedays I could scream enough ! I also am exploring my native heritage...even though I am a hienz 57. Thanks for any and all input. Katie

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Katie, following is the paragraph from the Terms and Conditions you agreed to when you signed on to CSN that seems to best cover your question:

No User shall use the Service to proselytize. The religious beliefs of all faiths are to be respected. The spiritual beliefs of all Members are to be respected regardless of whether they are in accordance with the beliefs of any religious group or teachings of other Members. No User shall disrespect or judge the beliefs or decisions of other Members on religious, spiritual, or other issues including but not limited to lifestyle, relationships, and medical care.

Hope this helps. Looking forward to your insights and queries!

Take care,


Posts: 1914
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Ahhhh....all the small print, that was suppose to be a joke. Thank you ! This is what makes these sites great. Katie

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