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Gemzar...I think it's helping...

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My husband was put on Gemzar last month. He has had three treatments and a week off and started the second round on Tuesday. There has been a marked reduction in his coughing! I hope that is a positive sign as this is his fourth line chemotherapy and none of the others really helped the coughing! At the end of this next three treatments and week off he will have a CT scan to see where things stand.

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We all strive for relief from our symptoms. This does sound like positive news. I will say a prayer and cross my fingers that you are right.

On a personal note, I find that when I actually feel better, stronger, or a relief from symptoms before a test, the ct reflects it and the news is good. Hoping this prove true for your husband, too.

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I appreciate the positive input... unfortunately, I may have been excited too soon. He coughed all through the night and this morning. He could hardly catch a breath. Not sure what is going on but I guess the CT will tell if there has been any real change.

I was really hoping he could get some long term relief :( The cough is the only symptom that we can't control...nothing seems to help for any length of time...oddly enough Tylenol helped the most when taken every four hours religiously. The Oncologist said that was ridiculous but he could tell a difference so he took them. Some chemo treatments seemed to start out like they were going to help then fizzled out, the pain pills help briefly, and even sitting perfectly still will do a pretty good job until he needs to move for comfort.

He has decided it's something he will live and die with.

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