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What not to eat???!!!

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Hello again. I am so very confused about what to eat and what not to eat for the best health with prostate cancer in very early stage. I have read conflicting information between a "heart healthy" diet and eating lean meat to a vegan diet and eating no meat. Vegetables and fruits of course. I guess the question is rather or not someone with cancer should eat meat. I love sushi and would hope that I could continue eating that and other fish and seafood. Also, calcium is supposed to be a no no. It's all very confusing. My cancer is a 6 with a psa of 5. I would like to keep it there!:)

I would love some ideas on this.

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Both my husbands doctors said it's not necessary to give up meat completely, just limit your intake. I don't know about sushi as we don't eat it. They told us a "heart healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables.
If you get radiation the doc said eliminate carbonated beverages.
Hope that helps a bit.

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RTS, your questions are real, there is a lot of confusion on this, the internet has many diets to follow at times. I started a diet last year after prostate cancer surgery. I cut out red meat as much as possible, I do eat a little but for the most part I stay away from it. My diet right now is about 90 percent vegetarian. I do eat fish this has omega 3's which is good for you. I also eat chicken. I follow the heart healty diet. I cut out refined sugars, no soda, candy, junk food. I have also added a lot of spice to my diet. Garlic is real good for you. Now no processed meats like cold cuts and the like. Red meat has a lot of trans fats which you need to stay away from. You need to drink a good amount of water every day. I also have used a lot of hot peppers in my foods, thai birds eye chili peppers, Ghost chilie peppers. Ginger,is real good. I shop organic as much as possible. You need heavy intake of fruit and nuts. The main objective is to eat foods that build your body up and boost your imune system. The Aisian diet is a good one to look into, I eat a lot of Thai and Viet foods. I stay away from dairy as much as possible, no Ice cream, milk, and other dairy products. My wife is always researching foods and informing me and helping out. Not grilled meats this is real bad. I have followed this diet over the last 15 months now and I feel real good, I do not miss the western diet. Tomatoes are real good and I snack on the small grape tomatoes thru out the day. Now this diet or parts can be difficult for people to follow. The spice is hard for some people to handle. Now also remember that diet alone will not cure cancer, you need to follow up with medical care. I am following a full circle approach to this cancer. There are certain chemicals in these foods that attack and kill off cancer cells and those are the foods that I focus on. My psa was 2.25 and I was in stage t2c, 18 biop samples came back with between 40 to 60 percent cancer. Last doctor visit psa was at 0.02. DO research on foods there is lot of information on the internet about this. There are some very good books out there on the cancer diet. By going to this diet I have saved money. I hope that this is not to confusing. Keep in touch I will try and pass along what I am doing with diet.

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Thanks to both of you for the help.

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Your diet sounds good. But I do not know where you live but I have given up Thai food because nearly every dish has a lot of sugar in it. You don't taste the sugar so much because the food is spicy and salty which makes it taste not so sweet. And sugar is bad for cancer. Otherwise your diet sounds fine but seafood is very good and healthy too.
The only problem with sushi is it is made with white rice which along with white bread and non whole grain cereals are not good.

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Just eat a heart healthy diet -- fruit, veggies, good "fats" (nuts, avocado, olive oil etc), beans and other veggie based protein sources, fish, flax seed and other natural sources of protein, fiber and omega 3 fatty acids, LOTS of green tea and/or water, limited or NO alcohol, limited or NO grains (processed or not), limited or NO starches (rice, potatoes, etc.), limited or NO red meat and dairy (including egg yolks/cheese/milk) and limited or NO refined processed sugar (white granulated or corn fructose -- sugar is in EVERYTHING that is processed -- read the labels), etc.

I've done this for the past 3 months. The change in diet plus exercise (1 hr cardio 5 days/wk plus weight training for 1-2 hours 3-5 days/week) has resulted in a 23 lb weight loss from 189 to 166 and a loss of 3 inches off my waist down to 33" from 36". This is the lightest and thinnest I've been in over 20 years -- I'm 61 now. Looking to lose at least another 7 lbs down to 160 and at least another 1" off my waist down to 32" (where I still carry too much diet/exercise resistant fat). We'll see . . .

For specifics, read this paper entitled "Nutrition and Prostate Cancer" published by the staff at the UCSF Medical Center:


This paper provides a very detailed list and discussion of all the things you should and should not consider eating based on available research.

BTW, you should avoid multi-vitamins w/iron in them (they're available and are usually labeled for "mature" or "over 55") and any additional calcium supplements. Iron and calcium are apparently both associated w/increased PCa risk/growth. You can get all of these minerals from the food you eat.

Good luck!

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that is a great website for nutritional information.
Thanks again.

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