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VIN III Recurrance

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I was diagnosed with Vin III back in Nov. I had a wide local excision in Feb. and when I went back in April they did a hemivulvectomy. I am now facing yet another surgery.... It seems there is no end in sight!As soon as I start to feel like myself again they bring me back in. I am only 33yrs old and have two teenage boys that need me up and functioning. I have been very immobile with the slow healing porcess due to the extent of these surgeries. I would love to hear from somebody who has been through the multiple surgeries for this condition. Is there another way to approach this condition that might be more aggresive? I could really use some insight..

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I am sorry that VIN III is just not giving you a break. I've been lucky that I've only had one surgery - wide local excision - two years ago. The physical and mental challenges are so hard. Since my original diagnosis I've been trying to do everything I can think of to boost my health....eating better, vitamins, meditation/relaxation. I have no idea if it is helping, but I figure it can't hurt. I feel for you and trying to keep up with your kids through it all. Take care! I hope VIN III leaves you alone soon!!!

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