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OUCH! mouth ulcers - suggestions?

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I have really bad mouth ulcers. Well I guess it's mucositis really -- my whole mouth is very sore. Difficulty eating. Ouch!

I'm using a rinse called Thymol gargle. And a soluble aspirin rinse -- about 4 x day both. And trying to rinse/sip room temperature water throughout the day. Not really getting better.

Welcome any other suggestions. And sympathy! I'm feeling pathetic and moan-y.

I'm nervous I'm not going to be able to continue with my current chemo regime (this is after only #3). Oh, and I seem to have diarrhea too. Great.

I am going to the movies tonight no matter what! Maybe those Men in Black can zap me into better oral health haha


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I always get mouth sores during chemo treatment which Justus compounds the difficulty of eating. I now have a prescription for this mouthwash that the pharmacists blends. It has hydrocodo/ibuprofend/diphenhis take 5ml every 4hours. I swisch it around for a good minute and swallow the mixture. It really does help. Pray you mouth gets better. Jeff

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What's shakin girl! When I got mouth sores I used the old fashioned "brown" Listerine. It burned my mouth but when I got done rinsing with it.....my mouth felt numb and I felt no more pain and it was then refreshing. It HAD to be the brown flavor tho cause the other colors are for sissy's... LOL. How was the movie?


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I kept salt in the bathroom and gargled with warm water...it helped me. Also used biotene toothpaste and mouthsash. A little pricey but worth it. Walmart was the cheapest.
Always happened at end of Xeloda treatment...ugh
Hope the movies were relaxing and fun. I get in that mode too. Mind over matter or find a distraction.
Movies are a good one.
Hope u feel better.


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I used Miracle Mouthwash made up by the Mayo Pharmacy. Had to swish, gargle, and swallow but it relieved the burning and sores through out my digestive system. Google it for the recipe.

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Tara. I have the same problems. My onc presrcribed a mouthwash. The nick name is majic wash wich seems to be working better than anything else i have tried. Also i just went through a bout if BAD diarrhea. My onc said to keep taking immodium after each time i go to the bathroom until i stop going for 12 hours.

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Teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of bi-carb soda in a glass of warm water. Use as a mouthwash as often as you like,then rinse with warm water. Worked for me years ago ,Ron.

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Zilactin-B comes in a tube like Ora-Gel but you dry the ulcer and then coat it with the brown gel. Hurts like crazy for a few seconds but keeps it covered for around 24 hours. No pain while covered and heals more quickly.

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Glass of warm water with salt and bicarbonate and use it as many times you want, l was suggested to put a tea spoon of each but l must recognize that l use to put some mor bicarbonate! It works perfect for me!

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Are you the doctor of movie fame? Welcome to our posts. Hope you are not here because you too have cancer. We should al have your humorous outlook on life.

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I used a salt/baking soda rinse twice a day after brushing my teeth. Really really helped.
Good luck Tara~

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L-glutamine is a preferred nutrient for restoring mucosal cells and epithelial surfaces - including mouth and gut. We mixed some glucosamine, ~1/2 cap 500 mg, niacinamide ~1/2 cap 500 mg, lysine ~1/2 cap 500 mg, and sodium ascorbate 1/4 tsp or 1 gram ca, with 2-3 tsp glutamine. My wife would hold a little dab on the sores 10-15 minutes and then swish, and swallow. We also got fanatic about removing synthetic folate sources from anywhere - bread, multivitamin (mixed own from individual components, or a few multis use leucovorin or L-5MTHF for B9 instead of folate) while on 5FU-LV.

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Magic Mouthwash was the best I have used. Starting up on Folfox again this coming Friday so I'll be in the same boat with you eventually. I'll try Magic Mouthwash again this round. Good luck!


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My husband had terrible mouth ulcers with Folfox, used Magic Mouthwash & also the Biotene toothpaste, mouthwash & gel. Also he used the salt/soda mixture in water to rinse his mouth with. I found some extra soft bristle toothbrushes for him as well. He had one place where a particular tooth rubbed & so used wax like you'd use for braces. That helped a lot as well.

Hope you get some relief from your ulcers!

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Hi Tara,

Just like others have suggested, I use Miracle Mouthwash. I get the scrip from my onc and the pharm mixes it up. I've got a lot of fresh eruptions today and I'm hoping that the mouthwash clears it up by Tuesday. The stuff is really good and works fast.


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Try warm water and salt rinse 3X per day and I would switch to Sensodine toothpaste. It is very gentle. Good luck

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