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Love to Momsworld

PBJ Austin
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Joined: Mar 2009

Hello my friend. I am thinking of you and hoping you and your family are holding up well. Please know that you and everyone on this board are in my thoughts and prayers every day.


PBJ Austin
Posts: 347
Joined: Mar 2009

I didn't want this thread to sink without Momsworld knowing how much I am thinking of her. The absence of Momsworld on this board causes me concern.

Momsworld, if you are too busy to post that is OK but I am still thinking of you and your baby. Hugs and prayers to you and yours.


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I'm also thinking of momsworld too. David and I are fighting desperately and I don't have the strength to post like I used to...I wonder if that's how it is for momsworld too.

Love, blessings, peace, and strength to you all.

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Hi there,
I'm sorry that I haven't posted in awhile but things have been kind of crazy here. It's raining here in New Hampshire today and the rain fits the mood that has been around our house lately. I usually try to stay positive, but lately that has been very hard. My daughter has been very depressed, which makes me very sad. She has given up the fight. She said that she can't do this anymore. She said that she is tired of fighting. She says that she hates the way she is and that she knows she is dying and nobody can do anything about it. I am at a loss of what to say or do. She has a MRI coming up in a few weeks and I am dreading it. She always wants to see the MRI picture,(which has shown consistant tumor growth). I find it hard to look at it with her. I can barely handle seeing it myself, but when we are together seeing it for the first time, I am not very good at hiding my emotions. I try to fake happiness, but that is getting hard to do. My daughter and I are trying to concentrate on her 8th grade graduation which is June 15. We bought her a really pretty dress and I have made an appt for her to get her hair done by someone who is good at covering bald spots on cancer patients. She wants to wear some 'BLING'. LOL. She has been using a wheelchair at school because of her balance but, I bought her a foldable cane that she 'pimped out' and has been using that at home. She has been determined to walk on the stage to get her diploma and I spoke with the principal at her school and he said YES.
I will post some pics on here if I can. I need to get going now, but thank you all for thinking of us. I do think about you all everyday. I will post again soon.


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Thinking about you...I hope she has a nice time at 8th grade graduation. Your a wonderful Mom.

PBJ Austin
Posts: 347
Joined: Mar 2009

Your post brought me to tears. Once again your little girl is showing us how brave she is by walking across the stage to get her diploma. She is amazing, and so are you.

The rest of you are in my thoughts always and forever.


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You and your daughter are always in my thoughts and prayers as well!

Mobile, Al
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Tina, your daughter sounds so mature and strong. This is something I saw in our son, when he was first diagnosed with a brain tumor at age 8. I also saw this in other children being treated at Children's Hospital the same time he was. It's like they are "old souls." I came across this utube video of Dr.Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, who was a pioneer in starting the Hospice movement. In this video, she talks about her work with dying children, and how they display a spiritual maturity far beyond their years, even those children not raised in a religious home. As we were facing our son's final days, I found this video, and it was so comforting. It verified what we were seeing in our son: that he had an inner strength and peace that was much deeper than ours. I think that must be with your daughter. Here is the link to the utube video:


I am now reading a book by Dr. Kubler-Ross: Grief and Grieving and it is very helpful. She also has a lot of other books too.

Hugs and prayers to you and your daughter,
m/o of David
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26 years remission
dx April 2011 AA3
Passed away April 2012, age 35

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Joined: May 2010

Thank you for the website and I will check out the youtube video. cancer sucks!!!!!

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