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Takedown tomorrow UPDATE

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Okay, so I've read the good, the bad and a lot of ugly. But tomorrow is the big day.
Supplies collected and then I'll wait to see what happens. Thanks for all the support I've gotten from here as I prepare for this next passage. (sick joke) Anyway, I've got a serious case of the jitters but it helps to know many of you have been here before me.

I'll post when I can.

Update. Norma, the stoma is officially back inside. Surgery went fine.
I'm still in some pain and have some nausea so I'm
Taking it easy even with clear fluids. Thanks for all your support! I'll post more when there's more to tell
I have bowel sounds but no action yet.
Again, thanks everyone:)

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I would be surprised if you didn't have the jitters--tomorrow is a big day. I remember the day of my takedown when the OR nurse asked if I was excited about the surgery....I hadn't considered that verb.
Keep in mind that there is a big learning curve, and what you cannot eat this week may be perfectly acceptable in a couple of months. In other words, don't despair and think you'll be eating white rice and bananas for the rest of your life :)
I'll be thinking about you.
Big Hugs from California~

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Will be thinking of you. You've prepared well, asked all the questions.
Happy for you to get to this point but I know it weighs heavy on your mind. I guess this is one of those times where you jump ahead and look at the future a few months down the road. :)
It's been a long, rocky haul, but by gosh, you've got a right to think and plan well into the future.
Take care.. keep us posted!

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Good Luck and many prayers for an easy transition.

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Good Luck and many prayers for an easy transition.

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Best wishes for a successful outcome on the reconnect.

There is no way to predict how your 'retraining' will go. Just remember you have a wide wealth of experience to draw from here and lots of folks wishing for your success.


Marie who loves kitties

Brenda Bricco
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My Husband's take down went very well and he is back to his normal. I know that it doesn't go like that for everyone but it does for some (why not you). GOD's blessings to you.

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Wishing you the bestest (know this is not a word but fits) of outcomes for you. You will go through a trial period but so glad that you have this opportunity to do it. Praying for all to go well tomorrow. Please keep us informed.


Cathleen Mary
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Know that tomorrow I will be holding you in my heart and prayer. A day at a time. Many on the board have and will continue to provide practical support. I have not been thru this so my support will be the unpractical kind but caring nonetheless.
Hang In.

Cathleen Mary

son of hal
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Depending on where you live you may already be in bed so I'll make this short. You will do fine... Best of luck and prayers to you. Mine was last Monday and after a few rough days recovering at home I could not be happier with where I'm at right now. The worst part was not knowing what to expect or know what pains were exceptable. Ask questions when you get the chances and follow your gut. Keep us informed and I'll fill you in with my progress next week.
Take care, CJ

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Your prob in surgery now but when you finally get a little better you will be back to your computer and see that lots of people are pulling for you here, me being one of them. I wish I had the option of a take down but thay wasnt in the cards for me. So for you I wish you nothing but the best for your turn around surgery and retraining of your parts..
All the best, god bless.

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I hope your surgery went well! I actually just ran into a patient of my surgeons yesterday who had the her takedown a couple of months ago! She was eating a Chicken Phily Steak sub, chips and a soda! She was on her lunch break from work. I asked her if she was concerned eating that at work. She said no because she has her bowels under control! I was so excited for her and hope you have the same luck!

Keep us updated!

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Well, your big day has arrived and just wanted you to know, we're out here thinking of you!! Wishing you the best.
Winter Marie

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I will be thinking about you today and praying all is good. Jeff

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Hope your takedown went well. I spent 4 weeks in the hospital with my takedown due to various complications. Yet a month later I was on the mend. Year later new colonoscopy showed NED. Been that way since livong normal life. You too will get through it. Don't worry so much. just a day at a time.

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