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Coughing first symptom?

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I have been reading all of your stories and have a question for those of you that have primary lung cancer....I have had a dry cough for 2 weeks now. It is the kind that you get the first day of a respiratory infection where your chest feels tight and you just keep feeling like you need to cough. Usually it develops into a more productive cough, but mine has not. I called me DR on Thursday and he gave me a Z-pack, but so far it has not helped. Next step is a chest x-ray on Monday. I am freaking out over this. Do I have a reason to be concerned in your experiences?

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There are so many problems that can cause a cough besides lung cancer. Wait and see what your dr says, don't borrow trouble when there isn't any. I wish you well. Lori

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I agree. Don't trouble Trouble. There are so many other things that can cause that cough. Is there some other reason that you suspect cancer?

PBJ Austin
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I hope by now you have seen the doc and you have determined the cause of your cough is not cancer. If they do suspect cancer and you are going through testing we can answer your questions. If you do indeed have it this board will help you through it.

We do care and it would be great to hear back from you even if you don't have cancer. In fact, that would be some wonderful news.

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Hi Stephanie!

Do not get upset unless you have been biopsied and are positive for lung cancer. My husband had a cough for a few months that was treated as "asthmatic". This diagnosis turned into pneumonia which eventually was diagnosed as lung cancer. Please make sure your Dr. is very thorough with your exam if you are this worried. Does your family have a history of cancer? Are you a smoker? Reason I ask is because my husband is 33 and no family history and is a non smoker with stage 4 non small cell lung cancer....Hope you are doing well!

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