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Kanzius Cancer Research

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Anyone heard much about this? It sounds too good to be true. I don't think they have been approved for human testing yet. I believe MD Anderson in Texas is where the research is being done?

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They did a profile on 60 Minutes a while back. I'm sure the video is out there.
Here they discuss human trials, more info...

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I've checked on the most recent updates. (I've posted about this before, but didnt get much response....just sounded too bogus, i guess). Still may turn out that way, but the research, so far, has my attention.
Yes, the first human testing machine was shipped to MDA in January. The process to get approval for human testing is of course lengthy.....sigh, but that is where MDA is at in the process. Looking at beginning human trials to start late this year. Could take another 7 years for testing and approval....another sigh......but hey.....things can always get fast-tracked.
Praying this comes to fruition. It's a good story. Sadly, the original idea came from a man who had cancer, but has since died, but he made his wife promise to see this through (and she IS so far). Many thanks to them.
Thanks for posting this.

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