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Tumors are still growing after the 1st Chemo

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Joined: Apr 2012

My sister just had another CT scan after her 1st chemo. The doctor didn't mention anything good or bad but I did notice the size of those tumors are still growing compared to the size shown from her previous CT right before the Chemo. Does anyone know if this means this type of chemo is not working? She will be having her 2nd Chemo on Thursday. I just don't know if we need to raise any concern of switching treatment plan at this point. Any thoughts or shared experience will be much appreciated.

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It's hard to know what to say in this situation.

I would be concerned too, but would seek guidance from her doctor on how tumors act. Some of my thoughts include:
* Perhaps it takes awhile for chemo to work.
* Is it possible to get tissue assay done from biopsy? This should tell what is best chemo agent.
* Is radiation in combination with chemo an option?
* consider second opinion if you are inclined. I did this and many others here have too.
* FYI, there was a thread here about tumors being heterogeneous - being a mixed bag. there is possibility that chemo is effecting some of tumor but not all of it.

I don't know if this is helpful, but please know that I pray for your sister, you and your family. This is sure a tough road to be on.

Many hugs, Mary Ann

Ryans hope
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I hope your sister is tolerating her treatments.I want to share with you a couple of things. You, and your sister, should know why all diagnostic tests are being done before they are done.CT scans are not without potential complications and should be done judiciously. When the results of any diagnostic test are being given to you,the doctor should review the results fully with you and provide you with the opportunity to ask questions. You state the doctor did not say anything good or bad, what did they say? I also want to caution you about trying to interpret the results yourself.Cancer care is very complicated and often things are not as straightforward as they might seem.
I am sending positive thoughts and healing energy to your sister for tomorrow.
Take care

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Joined: Apr 2012

Thank you both for your feedback. I didn't have a chance to hear what the doctor said exactly but only k.new he compared the actual images from both CTs. However he didn't mention anything particular and my sister's 2nd Chemo (tomorrow) is still on schedule. My sister has been having severe pelvic pain. It doesn't seem to go away but getting worse last week thus the doctor did another CT to check if it has spread to bone.

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