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Please comment on Nieces blog with Lymphoma encouragement!

lmkinsel Member Posts: 1
Hi! Our niece Tina was recently diagnosed with Stage 3 Burkitts lymphoma. She's a beautiful 24 yr. old Mom of Ehtan (6) and Alexis (3). Tina, her husband Mayk and children live in Imlay City, MI.

We've recently started a Blog for Tina and would like other cancer surviors to post encouraging comments for Tina.

Here's her blog address:

Thank you!
Larry K.


  • COBRA666
    COBRA666 Member Posts: 2,401
    I know very little about Burketts Lymphoma. I have Follicular.. Other wise I would be glad to share any experiences. There has been a problem lately getting on the site with all the spammers according to Greta. Hope it eases up soon. John