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Complimentary/ alternative treatment for stage 4 lung cancer?

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My father just got diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, which has metastisized to the liver and lymph nodes. We have to start the chemo soon - combination of Carboplatin,
genzar and taxol. I was wondering what the is expected survival rate if chemo goes well. And are there any other alternatives? He is 71, but mas, in good health. I wish we could do a diet therapy instead of chemo.

Waiting for replies.

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Regarding life expectancy, all you can do is look up the rates on the net or ask the doctor, but realize that a statistic doesn't necessarily describe any one person. There are people on the forum here who have beat the published odds significantly. And you say, "...if the chemo goes well." I guess I would define that in two ways: (1) He can tolerate it; (2) It kills some or all of the cancer. In that case, he could be looking at years, not months. It has happened. No doubt the liver involvement makes the picture bleaker, though.

Regarding diet therapy, there is no such thing that has proven to work, or we'd all be on it by recommendation of our oncologists. So "diet therapy INSTEAD of chemo" is the equivalent of saying "no therapy." Not to be treated is also a valid decision if that's what the person wants, but realize that that's what alternative therapies alone amount to.

If there is a diet that someone's claiming will help and is not harmful, people sometimes elect to try it along with traditional (e.g. chemo) therapy. Nothing wrong in that.

All the best to your dad.

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