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Drug Trial Question

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Joined: Nov 2011

Do all drug trials include a placebo? I was asked to participate in an Everolimus trial for stage 1 kidney cancer patients. The goal was to see if this drug which is designed for stage 3/4 patients would stop recurrence if used by stage 1 patients. This trial does use a placebo and since I've never been involved in anything like this I just wanted to know if all trials use placebos. I'm under the impression they do. Thanks.

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Joined: Oct 2011

Yes. Some trials do include a placebo. But they will tell you if that is part of the trial.

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They'll need to tell you because placebo trials are considered undesirable these days and are only used if there's no alternative possible. With new treatments it's not always feasible to mount a non-placebo trial and making progress would be hampered if there were a total embargo.

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