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80 years old and still chuggin

Fourteen years ago I had diagnosis of prostate cancer. I got a series of radiation beam treatments and then on Lupron whenever the PSA spiked. I have beat it for 14 years. Now my Gleason is 8 active cancer. I will be dead but I will go fighting it. I plan on being 92 for my 75th wedding aniv. My sex life well, har de har har. Got breasts no bra. Penis is shrunk to a large clit. Now I can't pee normally have to cath every 6hr. The good news is I'm active and can travel ok. Going back to college. And I am alive!!!
If they give you 6 months to live tell 'em to stuff it.


  • Kongo
    Kongo Member Posts: 1,166
    Great Attitude

    Sorry to hear of your trials but I love your attitude. With an outlook like your I am sure you will be around for quite a while. Take care.