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Esophageal Cancer: Preparation for Treatments

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Recovery from laparoscopic esophagectomy surgery, and the transition from hospital to home care, was made easier and more comfortable because of a few significant preparations I made prior to the surgery — BEDROOM arrangements including equipment, bed, and layout; BATHROOM arrangements and equipment; CAREGIVER arrangements and instructions regarding nutrition requirements and meds; a means to access FUNDS, if needed; a 9”x12” envelope with KEYS and LEGAL documents like Wills and Powers of Attorney, if needed; and NOTICES to family and friends.
Links —
http://goo.gl/4wnRk (details about “How I Prepared My Bedroom and Bathroom“ for the long recovery period; 5-degree slope is enough bed angle to be effective yet comfortable when sleeping, and it’s probably a permanent requirement)
http://goo.gl/BypVH (about Laparoscopic Esophagectomy)
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