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I am on disability now and wonder how long it takes to be approved for ssdi.I don't think I can ever return to work. Also when does health care kick in. My family say's I should apply now...val

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I think ovca is one of the conditions that get approved right away but for some reason the medical part does not start until two years from your application date . But they may backdate your application from the time you were diagnosed even though you were working ask it can't hurt. Also you can apply online it is pretty easy. Good luck, I hope you are feeling better today! You are a fighter!

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I was diagnosed with UPSC III-Cin 1/09. However I had my abnormal PAP in 10/08, so that is when my disability date started. You have tobedisabled for 6 months before you get your first ss payment. I did not apply until 4/09 so they do go back to the date you became disabled.

After you are on disability for 2 years you qualify for Medicare. You can apply on- line, go to the Social security office, or see a lawyer. I went to a lawyer who only charged if I was approved. I am sure the lawyer knows the terms to use to make qualification quicker. Good luck with your process.

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