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Did you ever tried ULTRAM. or ComZIP for pain? ( Tramadol)

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would like to know if it has any especial effect as is opium based!

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I have never taken this drug, but since it is opium based you will probably need to come off using it very slowly to keep from having withdrawal symptoms.

Hope it is making your life much easier.


Marie who loves kitties

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disease , the only problems I have since ever are due to Chemo.Was speaking to doc yesterday how to stop my stomach cramping and headaches since paracetamol is doing nothing to me and Ibuprofen is a big Platelet eater and also not suggestible when you had ulcer or stomach bleeding as I had last year.So he recommended Tramadol, but suddenly realized that is an opium based medicine! .
It works very well but you get a little sleepy.

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Yes, I was prescribed that drug after having removal of cancer in the rectum. Actually, I was prescribed Oxycodone I believe and I did not like the way it made me feel, also, it could constipate a person and that I was not wanting! So the nurse talked to me about the drug Ultram (Tramadol) and said it wasn't a narcotic so no constipation and no hallucination side effects like Oxycodone.

I thought it worked great for light/moderate pain management ~ I only took a 1/2 tablet most days but days that I had bathroom issues and sores I sometimes took 1 full tablet. I would recommend it and I had no side effects for short term use.

Good luck to you~


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and had to ease off of it very slowly. I'd been on it for 4 weeks. I don't know how much it helped with the pain - just know that when I didn't take it, I felt ill and shaky. Supposedly it isn't addictive, but my experience tells otherwise, as does that of many people if you search the web.

It is not a "scheduled" drug in the US, like regular opiates (codeine, morphine, hydrocodone, dilaudid, for example) as it is considered very safe. I know of people who have had great success with it.

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is what I was released from hospital along with Vicodin after failed liver resection. Told tramadol was preferable to take due to my liver, it was easier on it that vicodin. I found it to be very mild, no problems, never did finish the 30 and to this day will very occasionally take one for a pain...don't know how many mgs you have. Everyone I have spoke to about it thought it to be mild....good luck....Pat

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I was only dx with cancer 3 months ago, but I've taken tramadol for about 5 years to help control pain in my feet due to peripheral neuropathy. The neuropathy started about 10 years ago for an unknown reason (good circulation, not diabetic) and caused so much pain I didn't want to walk across the room. Doctors (neurologists, podiatrists, orthos) tried several things and I finally asked my gp to prescribe something, anything, so I could just enjoy life. It saved my life -- I don't know how else to describe it. It didn't take the pain completely away, but kind of took the edge off and that helped so much, and allowed me to be active again. I'm on the same dose since the start and it's still effective, and I've never noticed any bad side effects. I guess you could say I'm addicted because I don't want to live without it. And it's really cheap if you buy the generic tramadol. Anyway, that's my experience. Of course I have bigger problems now, but I can walk into the cancer center without cringing (other than not wanting to be there...lol).

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Hi: I was/am prescribed Tramadol first for pain after cancer surgery instead of oxycontin which is no longer available in Canada anyways and then for arthritis. I have taken it every day for 2 years along with sulinac, another arthritis painkiller. It does seem to work in a gentle way but they sure watch the prescription - no large amounts, no repeats, etc. I have no come off it just because I seem to be taking so many other pills for chemo-related reasons. There is another form of it, Tridural, but that has so much acetomyaphen in it which isn't good for the liver.

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I had this for my surgery 2 years ago and it as great for me but I could only have it in the hospital.
I've just been on oxycodone but the hallucinations were very bad so have now switched to hydromophone. Hope that it works better.


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