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Please, please help i am worried

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I started my LID on April 18' have to do it for 2 weeks but unfortunately i have been having sunflower seeds for a snack. Went to a site and found out that sunflower seeds have high amounts of iodine. Am I still ok for doing the full body scan on May 4th?

I had blood work, doctor was very concern because I was hyperthyroid. She lowered my medicine but on top of my medcine being too high I was eading fish 3 times a week, japenese food every once in a while, salads and taking a multi-vit with iodine in Here is the question, did I increase my chances for a recurrance? Once all this testing is over do I need to stop eating seafood and watch my iodine intake?

All of you have been so helpful in the past and I appreciate it. Thank you. Debby

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Don't panic - I did the same. I had an appointment to go in to see my oncologist, with no idea that she would schedule me for RAI the next week. I had been off my thyroxine for three weeks following a third op on my throat, so fairly hypo. I had some blood tested, which was found to be high in iodine, but a week later I was fit to go for RAI. The oncologist could not understand the change in my bloods, until I remembered we had a Chinese takeaway (takeout) two days before, and I ate all the seaweed!
As long as you concentrate on low/non iodine foods for the next few weeks you will be OK. So remember, no fish/shellfish/seaweed, no dairy, no ready made food with sea salt, etc. I survived last time (this was my second attempt at RAI - long story), by eating salt free rice cakes with a coating of peanut butter! As a treat I used to eat unsalted nuts and dried fruit from a health store.
See www.thyca.org for info on low iodine diets.

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Thank you answering so quickly. I appreciate it so much. Thank you, debby

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