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Worked with the TV show 'The Doctors'

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This week, my beau and I worked with the team from 'The Doctors' show to provide old medical instruments for their segment 'old 2 new'. It was great fun...it was filmed on the Paramount lot, and we got to sit in the audience during the taping...it will air May 23.

While working with the associate producer, he mentioned that they are always looking for new topics for their shows, but they need to be 'helpful to the community as a whole'. So, if you want, put your thinking caps on....anyone have a suggestion for a show that includes information on CRC? They have an ER doctor, an OB/GYN, a 'plastic' surgeon, and a general surgeon as their cast.

It was great fun, and they put us up in the Rennissance hotel in Hollywierd...just so happened that the night we stayed was the premiere of 'The Avengers' at the El Capitan theater...so we saw stars, as well!

Hugs, Kathi

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Hope to see the show in the Internet , just let me know when they
hang it there!.
Hugs Kathi!

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What an experience...so glad you and your beau got to do it.

Would be great if we could get Craig on the show...lol. Maybe he could be a visiting doc about CRC...help out the ER doc to do a perlim diagnosis...while sharing his pearls of wisdom!

Will be on the lookout for the show. Too bad they didn't give you and your beau a cameo on the show.


Marie who loves kitties

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What a great experience to go through. Sounds like they gave you the royal treatment too.


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