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bald again

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Joined: Jun 2011

well i'm without hair again, which really does'nt bother me, it will grow back what really bothers me is the fatgie that i that i can,t deal with. i can,t stand just sitting around. blessings denise

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Hair is over rated! hahahaha Just joking Denise, just rest and know that it will get better! Keep fighting..... Vinny

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Don't worry about the hair. It will grow back. I would worry if it started growing back purple with an orange racing strip down the middle though. LOL. John

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Hi Denise,
Just wanted to tell you to hang in there and I'm thinking of you! Hugs and positive thought your way! Take care of yourself.


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Hi Denise,

Big hugs and hang in there!

Thinking of you,


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So sorry Denise. I didn't lose all of my hair, but it got pretty whispy and thin. I had patches of hair missing, but my hair guy was able to cut it in a way that made it look less knowticeable..(sp?). If you have an American Cancer Society in your community, you can get a free wig, but I bet you look beautiful with or without hair! Rest and heal...the hair will grow back. Much love...Sue (FNHL-2-3a-6/10)

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You would think that one or the other would be enough to deal with right? Well, the hair will grow back and will pray that the fatigue gets better for you.

Hang tough!


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Posts: 175
Joined: Jun 2011

thanks everyone for the support, i would'nt care if it grew back in with a purple srteak and green hair only if i did'dt have to deal with this fatigue. blessings denise

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Joined: Apr 2012

hair is hair and will grow back, you're right to be more worried by the fatigue aspect! Make sure that you are getting enough MODERATE exercise in your day. This will definitely boost your energy levels. I like right after I get up, to jump start the day.

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I will l will be bald in a few weeks. Makes me ill to think no eye brows or eyelashes. Looking pasty white and bald too and no energy? Oh my God. Is this your second round with chemo. etc?

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Posts: 175
Joined: Jun 2011

i'm sorry i did'nt see your post earlier i may not have been on line. this is my third treatment i have follicular lymphoma stage4 type b grade2 the treatments do make you tired, but i think theier worth it . the treatment i am having now is reall making me sick but my doctor wants me to have a transplant, try not to stress out it will make you feel worse blessings denise

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