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Bone Marrow Transplant???

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Hi this is my first post here. My mom was diagnosed on Nov. 4th with AML M5 w/FLT-3. As all of you know it is nothing less than a high speed roller coaster ride with lots of ups and downs. She completed her chemo (7+3) and is due to have her first consolidation treatment soon. She handled the chemo really well and has been home for three weeks. From the very beginning the doctor recommended BMT. I have done research on it and we have sat with two specialist to gather information. Just wanted to know if anyone out there has had BMT and how it went, or anyone refused it and is doing well? So overwhelmed...

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Have you guys been looking at a specific treatment center? My fiances bone marrow transplant was in May of last year, unfortunately it was unsuccessful. Bone marrow transplants are essentially the only way to achieve a long term remission. I wish we had taken our time and done more research and things like that. The transplant felt rushed to us and we have heard and read things about waiting a certain amount of time after a chemotherapy induced remission before getting the transplant. My fiances next option is still another transplant. It is usually the go to option due to its success rates. I am glad your mother is doing well considering shes had chemo. I wish you and your family the best of luck.

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By now I don't know if you have made a decision but I just had a BMT about a month ago. I was diagnosed in the end of November with AML and because of my chromosome abnormalities and my subtype (M4) it was strongly suggested for me to have one, otherwise my survival rate would only be about 30%. The chemo before the transplant was a little more intense for me, it caused more nausea and fatigue than any of the other rounds but for the most part it is very much like a normal round of chemo. My transplant itself took 20 minutes and I felt nothing. It was like getting a blood transfusion. I think now is the most difficult part because for the next year you are in isolation from what seems like the rest of the world because you have no immune system. I am still feeling fatigued but slowly getting better.
Best of luck!

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