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Shout Out!

wolfen's picture
Posts: 1330
Joined: Apr 2009

This is just a "shout out" checking on my other two dizzy blondes, Jennie and Winter Marie.
Where are you guys? Haven't seen you around lately.

Luv Ya,


idlehunters's picture
Posts: 1792
Joined: Apr 2009

Meeeeee???? You mean me????? Aweeee Wolfen! I am so touched that you thought of me.....hey wait...dizzy blonde????? ohhhhhhhh.... I get it...you were talkin about Dizz...Yea... LOLOLOL!!! I have been lurking just not posting. I have been doing research on new treatment options for lung mets....oh they are nothing right now but I know its just a matter of time before those suckers sneak up on me again and I have to have a plan or two in my pocket for "if and when"....thats about all I have been up to...other than planning my youngest daughters (the RN)wedding on 12/01/12. THATS a lot of work but I ...WE....are loving it!! How have you been? I see Winter Marie (DIZZ) here and there on Facebook..... she's just as mean as ever and causin trouble everywhere so nothing new with her either...LOLOL haha Dizz! Love ya both and thanks for thinking bout me Wolfen. Please tell JBG i said hey!

herdizziness's picture
Posts: 3642
Joined: Apr 2010

I've been busy trying to be a good girl!!! It apparently hasn't worked!!! Still alive and well, been going through empty nest syndrome, lost 4 children at once, and realized what an empty house was!!! My son, his wife and two children moved out on their own two weeks ago, and I'm truly happy for them, but WOW, a three bedroom house suddenly seems very, very large!!! Just got through with mid-terms and am on spring break (honestly, should a 53 year old woman brag about spring break??) so am in Arizona, going to Mexico in the morning to get my dental work done (can we say BORING spring break???)and then head back towards home on Saturday!!
Thank you for checking Wolfen!!! The blondes carry on, especially that real dizzy one Idlehunters!!!
Love at you,
Winter Marie

wolfen's picture
Posts: 1330
Joined: Apr 2009

Thanks for checking in.

Jennie, have fun planning that wedding and Winter, have fun getting your teeth fixed. Wait though, the second part sure doesn't sound like fun. But, enjoy your spring break if you can.

I went through that empty nest thing about 10 years ago. From age 17 to 55, I always had someone to take care of. So it's a real adjustment at first. Of course now, my grandkids are old enough to move away from my kids, so I'm sure they can appreciate how I felt when they left. Can't be an overprotective mother forever.LOL

JBG is doing okay. She is starting new chemo of Xeloda pills and Avastin, one week on-one week off. Lung nodules are stable for now. So onward and upward, as you both know.

For some reason, at 65, I still have blonde hair. Or maybe I refuse to see the gray creeping in.LOL

Love you guys,


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