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Penn University or Thomas Jefferson?

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Does anyone know who is better for lung cancers- Penn University or Thomas Jefferson both in Philly. Friends uncle diagnosed within the last few days. I don't know anything yet; he supposedly had a biopsy yesterday. I'm not up on lung cancers & need to know which is better in case he has to be transported from where he is now; which is an hour away.

Thank you

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I am very sorry to hear about your friend's Uncle. Maybe I can help with this, when I was dx, I called Sloan Kettering in New York. They said they would not be able to get me an appointment. Told me to call University of Pennsylvania or Fox Chase Cancer Institute. I went online and checked their ratings. U of Pa had a little higher rating than Fox Chase. My Dr., Stacey Su, recently left U of PA and went to Fox Chase. Now I see Dr. John Kucharchik. The surgical team was exceptional at U of PA. And I have no complaints about them. If you decide to go to Fox Chase, I can recommend Dr. Stacey Su. She actualy did my surgery at U of PA, but now left to go to Fox Chase. This is just my personal opinion, you should check out their web sites and see what you feel is the best. What ever your decision is I wish your friend and uncle the best.


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Posts: 30
Joined: Feb 2012

Thank you.

When my hub was diagnosed with oral; I was told to see the top 3 (Fox Chase; PU & TJ). We ended up at the ENT in Jefferson; hub did not want to go for another opinion. I kick myself; but the fact that he's 2 years out of treatment & doing well makes it easier. Someone on Cancer Compass went to Penn 1st; they have trans oral robotic surgery & sound like the place to go to now.

Seems like a lot of doctors jumped around. Hubs Oncol is originally a lung oncol from Penn. His rads oncol went to Penn last year. I still have a few contacts at Jefferson; I'd love to hear what they have to say. I didn't have time to email them yesterday; was busy getting a question list for the family.

I still don't know what's going on & if he's been diagnosed. It sounds like they've been trying to figure out what's going on; he landed in the heart & lung hospital.. they said he had a spot that might be cancer. They supposedly did a biopsy; it's mentioned that they think it's more involved then the spot. The next I'm hearing is it's calcium. My hub has calcium a few places; so why they wouldn't know; I have no clue.

I'm still telling them to get him out of there & into Philly. One of the Drs there will be able to tell them better because they see more of it every day. I know Deborah is good for cardiac; but for lung cancer? As far as I know; they don't treat cancers.

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