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ColonSentry blood test

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Has anyone seen this.....if it wasn't so expensive I'd be interested to do this test just out of curiosity as to what it would say. Blood test about $800.00.

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I'd rather go to a place that specializes in the testing instead of mail order. Besides, I know I have cancer.
I guess there is that element of seeing if it says I don't have cancer or I'm not pregnant (or maybe I am!)

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If you find out for certain you are pregnant, please let us know here before it hits the tabloids! lol

I agree about testing...not a fan of mail order meds or testing.

Marie who loves kitties

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Not mail order, has to be ordered by physician, and they have places they can send you specifically for the blood work.....Phil you're funny. I remember way back when I was first in hospital waiting for surgery I was looking on line, even though I was given specific instruction from my doctor to "not go on line searching". Anyhow I think while in there I would read posts...and I seem to remember buckwirth making some comment about going for a mammogram and some other tests and got totally confused.

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it only assesses risk of CRC which would supposedly lead one to doing a colonoscopy

A non-invasive,stool DNA test is under study now

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