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Colon tumor not responsive but liver & lymph mets are

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Anyone other Stage IV had this experience?

My wife's PET/CT scan, just before her 8th chemo (of 12 planned), indicated that the tumors in her liver have shrunk significantly and were metabolically quieter than at pre-treatment. lymph nodes resolved as well. no other mets anywhere.

but the tumor in her ascending colon is now metabolically more active, which the Onc takes as no longer being responsive to chemo. this is contrary to the CT scan after 4th treatment which indicated all tumors were responding to treatment. Plans are to finish chemo May 22nd, do a final PET/CT and a surgical consult to confirm that colon tumor removal is best near term option.

Seems there will be a delicate balancing act, hoping that the colon doesn't become obstructive and that while meds are off, for maybe 3 months, the cancer doessn't re-emerge in liver and elsewhere.

so, has anyone had this lopsided kind of chemo response and how was it handled in your situation?

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my dad had surgery in 08 with permanent colostomy....this past oct found mets to liver lung...after 1st round of chem and pet scan all tumors had also shrunk in liver and only 1 was still active in lung...problem was there was one in his c2 spine...they did radiation to the spine and then changed chemo since the one in the spine they felt was new or possibly could have been unnoticed which meant non responsive...

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