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Colon Palooza 10, Buffalo, NY, October 11-13, 2012

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Hello all,

I will be hosting the 2012 Colon Palooza. It is a fun time by all.

Mark your calendar for CP10, Buffalo, NY, October 11-13, 2012, at Embassy Suites, www.buffalo.embassysuites.com

Rate per night: $149.95 + tax for a double Queen Suite or Single King Suite. Please use code “CPA” when booking a room online or when calling the hotel directly (716) 842-1000. Reservations must be received by September 13, 2012. After this date, reservations will be accepted on a space available basis. Cancellations must be made 48 hours prior to check in time. Any cancellations made afer this time are subject to one night’s room and tax. The same rate will apply for those who wish to come a day early or stay a day later. More information to come.


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What goes on at the Colonpalooza?

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AS they say in Vegas, "What goes on at a Colonpalooza STAYS at the Colonpalooza!"
From what I heard, it's two-fold. It's a yearly event that was started many years ago (my guess is 10 years ago) where people from this forum and their spouses/partners get together and take over a city in the USA for the weekend. I have never attended one but I've heard that they are nice way for people to meet face to face, hang out, and generally have a great time.

They setup a "deal" with a hotel/facility where they host it and set up camp. I'm surprised that no one who has attended one has not pipped in yet.
Are you Shuffling Up to Buffalo TC?

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Maybe....maybe. Want to know some more details. Thanks for your input Phil~

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There are activities that are planned each day - sightseeing and stuff like that in the daytime...and dinner and/or some type of entertainment in the evening. You can stay with those events and/or do something out on your own if you prefer.

Usually a gathering in the evening (happy hour thing) and then off as a group or out on your own adventure...as you choose. It's really casual with some planned events, but alot of flexibility in there to come and go as you choose...and if you get 'sick', well everybody gets that one.

Nice chance to "see" the folks in person.

If you are able to, try and stay at the main event hotel as everyone will be there and alot of impromptu visits and activities might spring up.

TC - an itinierary of events will be sent out when the host nail down some events. Debbie did and co. did a great job of getting the room booked so early and notification sent. Great job, gals!

I know they talked about crossing the border over to Niagara Falls (Canada side)for a visit to see the leaves turn etc. That would require a valid passport these days to cross over.

One of the few places I have been was to The Falls and rode the "Maid of the Mist" boat ride all the way up to the falls - incredible sight and the water pouring over 200 ft. down was deafening...truly an awesome spectacle.

That was just something that was discussed when we broke last year...don't want to speak for the hosts.

And while the events are nice...the greatest times are had with the people just talking - and not always about cancer either...although at times it's good to personally talk about it some of the time....there is a need for it when you need to talk, especially for those very new to cancer or experiencing their first recurrence. And it's different when you talk to each other and not through the board.

You already know the person really - it's just the physical characteristics come into play...you see their eyebrow twitch, or smile at you, or nod their head in recognition of what you are saying....that makes it even realer, if that's even possible.

Mostly, it's about the memories you make along the way. Something that will become engrained in you...I think it comes from the sharing really.

My personal favorite memory last year at CP9 Chicago was at "The Blue Frog" for karaoke night. Jennie (idlehunters) had found a karaoke bar...then she was having teeth problems and could not attend:(

Debbie's husband, John, had a hankerin' for George Jones that night...he liked "She Stopped Loving Me Today"...one of my all-time personal favorites as well. Beth (dorookie) had gone up to the karaoke guy and set me as the first singer. I started to hesitate because I was up first...but she led me up to the stage and left me, LOL!

That George Jones song is a great one but a sad ballad...and I had the Semis and a whole room of Chicagoans who were ready to party. I switched gears at the last second and went for a more up-temp number...Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues"...my signature song...got a great beat.

Well, the music started and away I went....Beth was running up tipping me $1 bills like I was a Vegas stripper or something...too funny! Anyway, the crew was so flabbergasted they did not even pull their phones out to take a picture or record it. The collective jaws on the floor was priceless.

And later, I had some intimate talks with Lisa P. and Leslie....Em missed it but I got hugs from her opening day and she was real nice too.

If you're sick and in treatment, you will just have to know how you feel and if you could attend the activities. I was just 4-5 months out of rads/chemo and I did pretty good, but lagged behind and could not keep up with the group all the time. Chicago was alot of walking and two lung surgeries and all of those chemicals made it harder for me.

I could not have done this trip on Folfiri, even with a one or two week break, though we are all different. I just wanted to point this out...the core folks that started the Palooza are 8-10 years and more clear of cancer, so they are healthy.

Other folks that have now attended may be at different stages of their journey. You know your body best and what you can or cannot do. But as with any type of sightseeing stuff, it's alot of physical.

Have a great time this year to all of those that attend!


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I'm thinking you and Kim need to go this year so I can find another bar to hear you sing!!!!! Sooooo bummed I missed that. Any chance you guys can go this year? I am going for sure. Making reservations next week. For all that are wondering...... This is an awesome event. It can get physical but you go at your own pace. I worked my elbow nice and slow :-)). I have gone the past 2 years and sooooo glad I did. Craig..... I will be talking to you more in the future about this trip......... Maybe we could share a suite????? Everyone should consider sharing a room to save on expenses AND it's fun! Much more info will be coming on CP10 as Debbie gets it. I sure hope we have a good turn out this year! Beth? Leslie? You guys going?


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Well....it sounds like fun. I'm not making any definite plans for anything at the moment until I see what the BM situation is like after the upcoming takedown. I'm interested in hearing more. Folks on the cancer boards mean a lot to me knowing they've walked in my shoes and beyond in many cases. Anyway, aside from the mushiness of my love for fellow survivors, I do like to have a good time!


PS How many people were there last year?

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I do see a great nonstop airfare (under $250) from MSP for dates close enough to work (8-14), and I've got friends in the area I'd love to see, and could probably stay with the first few days. I've never been to Niagra Falls, which would be a must-do if I come out. But I can't swing this with the high room rates - with 13.75% tax the rooms are over $170/nt. I'll have to look into an industry discount there or at another property close by. This has been an issue every year - hotels chosen with very high rates, when many of us are about medically bankrupt from years of cancer treatments.

If anyone else is on a tight budget (female, nonsmoker) and wants to share a room elsewhere at a lower rate, please contact me.

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Lisa Rose
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Hi Debbie,

Thanks for putting CP-10 together.

Count us in... Lisa and Andy

PS: 1st Palooza was in January 2005 Biloxi, Mississippi

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Hi all,

My first Colon Palooza was in 2005 in Nashville, TN. It was totally out of character for me to attend something like this and I am so glad I did. I've met many wonderful people. I do not post often - I'm mainly a reader. Some history: I was diagnosed in September 2004 with Stage 4. Colon resection and 1/2 left lung removed. 6 months of FOLFOX. Cancer returned in Fall 2005 - liver. Liver resection. Another round of CHEMO. A year later, back in my liver - Liver RFA. No chemo. A year later, in my lung - Lung RFA. No chemo. Back in my liver in February 2010, another liver resection and more chemo. I've been NED since my last chemo treatment in September 2010. I'm hoping I've finally beat this nasty cancer. So as you can see, life is good. We have some that attend that have been cancer-free from 5-10 years to one's that are in current treatment or people like me that are constantly fighting the beast. If you are totally against drinking this is not for you. We do like to party! I'll be in touch later with more details.


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My first Colon Palooza was in 2007.

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Lisa Rose
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Flights and Hotel all booked for Buffalo/ Niagara - looking forward to seeing my good friends at Colon Palooza -10.



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