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AML Diagnosed March 16 2012(step-father)

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My step-father was diagnosed with AML 3 days ago on Thursday and me and my half brother were there when the doctors came with the news. He is 62 ex-military 30+ years as an Airline Pilot and the most dependable person I have ever met. He has come to terms with what is happening and the reason I am writing this is just to get an idea of what to expect moving forward. I have not researched very much spending most of my time at the hospital but I will be there for 30 hours starting tommorow morning.

He was diagnosed Thursday after going in for a transfussion at Centennial Hospital in Nashville. They had been watching his counts as they had been on a steady decline, and as an airline pilot you get tested alot. His BCC where super low white, red, and plateletes so they kept him todo the bone marrow biopsy and came back on Friday with his diagnoses. We started immediately with the 7 and 3 on Saturday so today is basically day 2.

I would imagine everyone is different but from the little research I have done when you are in hospital they can combat all the crappy side effects of the chemo and AML but what I have read so far its when you go home you can feel bad is that what happens with most people? Also how long does it take to get the genetic marker test back? I understand that bone marrow test at day 14 will tell the tale of where we go next but just getting the subtype will tell us alot as well.

Any info would help or resources people found helpful.

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I just celebrated my fourth year from my bone marrow transplant for AML. You are right everything about this is different for everyone. I never had any nausea problems from Chemo. The nausea medicene they gave me worked real well. Yes the bone marrow at day 14 will tell a lot. I believe the genetic marker test takes about 2 weeks. My AML was the one that did not respond to chemo very well. If you have questions you certainly could contact me at my email debbiereznicsek@hotmail.com

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My dad was diagnosed June 2005; passed away 2/2006. They know a lot more now then back then. There are various subtypes & in my opinion; he needs to be at a large university cancer center where they're better able to deal with it. I met a gal on cancer compass last year; her dad was diagnosed with AML at a local hospital. I was telling her to consider going to Sloan Kettering to have him evaluated there but her dad didn't want to go. They did a chemo treatment at hospital 1; eventually he had issues & was taken to sloan kettering where they retested his blood. If you want to talk to her; see Barbara. You can click her name & it will bring her posts up. I don't get here often; my user name is roselvr there too.

Are you in the US? When my dad was treated; he was in the hospital for 30 days during chemo; then had to have his blood tested 3x week. You should start lining up people to donate blood products because there will be a shortage as we move into the summer with the holidays- Memorial; Labor day; 4th of July. We used to have to wait hours for platelets to be found. He then was admitted a few more times due to infection complications.

He needs to make sure he has his affairs in order. Google 5 wishes; that's the best paperwork for medical wishes. My hub who has oral cancer also did one. With leukemias; infection is a risk because of the immune system. We almost lost my dad a few times.

AML look on the right; talking to your Dr-
What should you ask your doctor about acute myeloid leukemia?

It is important to have frank, open, and honest communications with your doctor about your condition. Your doctor and the rest of the cancer care team want to answer all of your questions. For instance, consider these questions:

What kind of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) do I have?
Are there any specific factors that might affect my prognosis?
Are there other tests that need to be done before we can decide on treatment?
How much experience do you and this medical center have treating this type of cancer?
Should I get a second opinion?
What treatment choices do I have?
Should we consider a stem cell transplant? When?
Which treatment do you recommend, and why?
What are the risks and side effects to the treatments that you recommend?
What should I do to be ready for treatment?
How long will treatment last? What will it involve? Where will it be done?
How will treatment affect my daily activities?
What is the outlook for my survival?
What would we do if the treatment doesn't work or if the leukemia recurs?
What type of follow-up will I need after treatment?

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I was diagnosed with AML this past November. The same day I saw my PCP I was admitted to the hospital to start with the 7 and 3. They knew my exact Leukemia subtype the same day as the bone marrow biopsy but it took 2 weeks to get the genetic marker which is an important part in seeing how to treat your disease. Because of my subtype and chromosomes mutations, I had to get a bone marrow transplant.
During the treatment I did encounter the crappy side effects of chemo and AML. One of the major things I experienced was fatigue. If and when your step-father starts to feel this way, re assure him that today he might feel weak and tired but tomorrow he might feel much more energized, that is how it was for me at least! Nausea and bowel problems are also very common but the medicine they have now are extremely helpful and help those symptoms.
Once I went home after just having chemotherapy I felt pretty good. I didn't have the same exact amount of energy as I did before but I was still able to go out and enjoy that time. The nausea and other symptoms all went away once my counts went up.
Hope this was helpful to you. Hang in there!

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