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Acid Alkaline info

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I had the pleasure of Vicki Newman's Fighting Cancer with Your Fork presentation yesterday at our Gyn CA Support Grp and found some of her lectures available on youtube. One in particular does a good job explaining acid-alkaline balance in our diet and associated health issues ...


Site with links to other videos:

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Thank you for this information, Annie. How are you doing? Thinking of you.



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Thanks for asking , Jill!
I did think of you when I was watching the video. Having just listened to her presentation on Fighting Cancer with Your Fork, this video just totally reinforced a much clearer understanding of how our diet affects our health.

As for me, I'm living in the moment as much as possible. I giving anti-hormone treatment a 3-month try to see if it has any affect. I'm about halfway there. But additionally, i'm trying to focus on complementary care to allow my body to have the best chance of healing as well. Lots of work to do this area for sure ;-)

Hope you are continuing to be well and are enjoying life. Springtime in your neighborhood must be beautiful!

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