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Inlyta (Axitinib) cost

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My husband is going to be going on Inlyta. Does anyone have feedback on how much this drug is costing them per month. He has BCBS insurance and will be taking 5mg twice/day.

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Where are you located ? If in the US, can you call your local retail pharmacy and have them run the script ? They WILL do it for you, except fill it, and they can tell you the price.
Or call CVS / Rite-Aid, they can run it for you, ofcourse they will need your insurance info. Alternatives, find out what countries the drug is available in, and buy it from the company directly in that country, might save you money, but insurance BCBS should cover it here.

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Thank you! I will give that a try. I am located in the US. I just have seen things on line saying the meds cost $8900/month and I was not sure how much insurance will cover (hopefully most of it).

Thanks again!

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Inlyta 5mg 60 tabs (which is usually used in one month)is only available in the US through speciality pharmacies. The list can be found on the following link:


According to my inquiries the price is about $11,000 in the US!!!

However I am trying to buy Inlyta outside the USA and in europe it is not available yet.
There is speciality pharmacy called IsraMeds who is trying to order it for me but I am skeptical...


I will keep this forum updated if I succeed in getting the medicine...


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I have BCBS. I make a $30 copay and my insurance is billed for over $9000. Thank God for insurance. Right now I get 60 5mg pills with each prescription.

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Are you still here?


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Have you got any sense of decorum at all

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Paula, my bestie, passed away several years ago. Start a new topic and ressponse will get better.

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