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Fishing for treatment

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Howdy all y'all!

Awhile ago I had mentioned a fishing retreat for men with cancer and I wanted to post the information. It's called Reel Recovery and the website is http://www.reelrecovery.org physical address is 160 Brookside Road Needham, MA 02492 phone 800-699-4490. Any guys wanting to go on a retreat in their area can find dates and locations at the website. Also, they'll have to download and have their doctor fill out a Medical Release Form stating that they are physically able to do the two and a half day retreat. All meals, beverages and lodging are provided by Reel Recovery. Only downside is that it's catch and release, I like eating what I catch.

Doc Ray

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Yes, I have heard of this. There is a caring bridge sight I follow, Keith Friend (don't worry folks he is very willing for everyone to read his site). Anyway, he is in Texas and he went on this type of retreat and enjoyed it very much. Go over to his site and you can read about it and send him an e-mail if you want any additional info on it. Keith is in his 40's, has a couple kids, is Stage IV, and lives life to the fullest and is doing pretty well with his disease.

Best to you - Tina

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We really should share more of these kind of programs!


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Fishing is my secret cure for cancer:) Ron.

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