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Understanding this disease and this site

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Joined: Mar 2012

First of all, I am struggling with this site, it is extremely slow, does anyone else have problems with this? By the time, I get to where I want to go, I forget what I wanted to write. Really, this takes minutes to move from one page to another. I don't have patience as it is so waiting for this site usually leads me off to another. So sorry for any non responses right away. I put a picture up and I don't know where that went, maybe it will show up on this post. I don't understand what expressions means or what do we write in blog. I guess it doesn't matter as I am only interested in discusssion boards.
I am glad to meet all of you and sorry we have this awful disease. My one doctor said,"Well, we all end up with something" I thought, what a terrible thing to say. Needless to say, she is no longer there.
Question on Lobectomy, do we all have to cough or is it that we obtain a cough? How long does it last? Is anyone bloated prior to surgery? This box for drainage, how is that attached to us or is it like an IV, we carry it? Do they inflate lung before surgery? Why and how would we get a leak? What is it that we are leaking? Water and blood? I wish I got this surgery asap, I am getting more nervous waiting so long. I want to know it all which is impossible as we are all so different.
Ellen: I will keep you posted, is there a private message area? Oh, and clothes, sport bras? What about while our stay in hospital, just wear the hospital gown, again, is that tube going to be in the way if we bring a night gown? Sorry so long....

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Oh Kerry, I am glad you loaded a photo! Great to put a face to the post! LOL YOU LOOK WONDERFUL! Sweetie you need to calm down. We all have these questions and to be honest we should be asking our doctors, but they even get a little short lived with too many questions. I will see if I can help some. First this site has a tendency to get under my skin as well at times. Oh well...I just sign out and try again later when it happens. I wore my hospital gown for the first 3-4 days, then I did have my daughter help me clean up and I did put on pj's. I found the bottomes were fine and the top should be sleeveless and very loose which I perfer to button in front. The tubes or tube for drainage is draining air and blood from the lung area. It come out the side and runs down towards the foot of the bed and off into this box which it is attahced to. This box has a suction which helps aide in this drainage. If removed too soon, you can leak air from the lung and it can cause collaspe. But this does not happen too often, so do not worry! Not sure about the cough thing. I know that want you to do breathing exercises which will cause you to cough, which helps keep the lung inflated. Before surgery, you are put to sleep, laid on your side, a ventalation tube put down your throat, which will collaspe one lung and help keep the other inflated and breathing for you during surgery. The vent tube is almost always taken out before you wake up in recovery. If you get an air leak....you will know. The pain is really bad from what I have heard. It can cause a partial or full collasp of the lung. None the less....sweetie you shall be fine. We are all different and we all respond to different medication and surgeries. No two of us are alike! As for private message...I am not sure of that either....but you can email me if you would like at ellenmathias@clear.net. I include you every morning and every evening in my prayers. I will continue even after you have had your surgery. Just remember to tell the doctors if you are in pain...they do not know if you do not tell them. Try to walk a little everyday, even if it is to the potty and back, and breathe!!! God Bless You!


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... as far as I can tell, you're totally right on that. I don't think the servers can reliably handle the traffic. This is the only place I frequent (a short list anyway) where I've actually seen a "Check back later ... more traffic than the system can handle" (or similar wording) message. Other times, it's just slow.

You ladies talk amongst yourselves on that other stuff. You're completely out of my depth there!

Stay strong ...

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Yes....This site is slow !!!! I thought it was on my side but I am glad to no this is no true.

Cant comment on lobectomy, but have had brain surgery, gamma knife, , traditional radiation, and chemo... All is well now but get CT and MRI next week! We will see!!!

It all works out the way it is supposed to be....

Take care ....Dave

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