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breast lesion is a met

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I posted recently about finding a lump in my breast. Had a biopsy on Thursday and got the results today. It is a met, not a primary breast cancer. I guess that is a good thing (well, benign would have been better! but...). Unusual, I gather: has anyone else heard of rectal spreading to breast? Mind you, I seem to specialise in unusual (bone, brain).

My onc is suggesting to treat by radiation, not surgery. Not exactly sure why but I'll find out more when I meet with him on Thursday (we had a hurried phone conversation today). Feeling a bit overwhelmed. Trying to count my blessings: I got the biopsy results quickly, I have a wonderful oncologist who I have faith in and who is available for text or calls 24-7...and the list goes on


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Not familiar with met to the breast but I guess it is possible. There is a gal on the Colon Club that posted this week she has mets to the thyroid and inside nose. Her doc thought it was a secondary cancer, head and neck, but not confirmed it is colorectal mets. She posted a pic of the inside of her nose if anyone is interested in going over and looking.

I'm sorry you have yet another helping on your plate. I wish I could be of more help.

Hugs - Tina

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My Gosh!!!! This just is F'd up!!! I mean REALLY?????? My gosh you have soooooooo much crap to deal with and now this???? It just pisses me off that 1 person is expected to put up with so much crap. C'mon God...enough is enough.....please give this girl a break! Tara...you always handle the news....no matter what it is...with such strength that I just don't know where you get it from. You are indeed an inspiration to us all. You stay on top of whatever is thrown your way and always come out winning. So screw off cancer and leave Tara alone cause you should know by now that she is gonna kick your arse!!!! Keeping the faith with you girl!!!! Take care


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Sorry to hear this Tara...
Your Friend in California~

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My mom's doctor has had her do everything done to her since the colon cancer dxn. Her doc says that colon cancer can spread to female reproductive system. Ovarian and breast mets are possible from colon colon cancer.

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Sorry to hear this but glad its not a new primary. .
My sister was diagnosed at one point with breast cancer a few years ago. It was pretty much on a cellular level, they couldn't even stage it, but they treated her with radiation and she's fine now. Maybe it's just something to do with how breasts are and that they respond well to radiation?

I hope your meeting goes very well with your Onc and that they have a good plan.

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minute by minute...day by day. You are one of the strongest woman I have had the privilage to no. You are an inspiration to many. I look up to you....

Peace and Love.

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well this is indeed unexpected...

another bump in the road...so sorry Tara....know nothing about colon to breast...

sending love and hugs and more hugs...

crap......who needs this???


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I'm so damn sorry you have to go through more. We're here for you hun, every step of the way. Wish there was something I could do to make it all go away. You'll make it through this, you're one tough cookie. I'm so proud of you, and how you are handling things.
Winter Marie

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I'm so sorry to hear about this Tara. My question is about timing between your brain mets, the first possible lump/scan of the breast met, and the Folfoxiri breakiing down tissues and blood brain barrier. Order of times, size changes or growth rate info may help others.

I've heard of oxidative damage to the BBB during viral illnesses that let in infections to the brain and so wonder about some chemical effects that might be reversible with nutrients.

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Love my friend!

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Tara this is so heartbreaking, all you've had to endure. I'm curious how was this discovered, could you feel the lump, was it picked up on scans, or did you have a mammogram?

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You are in my thoughts. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for you to have to pick up your sword again for another battle. You are a very brave and determined lady.



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You've had so much going on, Tara. You have one of the most indomitable attitudes I've ever seen...I used to think I was good, but I'm not "your good." I'm not even in the same zip code with you...your so far out ahead of the pack.

I continue to wish the best for you and hope that some of this will draw to a standstill, so that you can catch your breath.

You continue to amaze all of us and when I look at you, I don't see myself handling things as gracefully as you appear to be. You've just set the bar too high for any of us to ever reach.

Best of luck to you!!


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dear tara,

so sorry to hear about it, at least being crc you can hope that any chemo down the track may mopup any other micromets in the process of targetting the new one on your breast. you onc sounds great, you are lucky. its nice to see you appreciate him, sometimes when we get bad news its easy to be overwhelmed. i admire your spirit. we are always here.


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I'm so sorry about this news. Praying you'll be just fine!

I do know that every year now when I get the lovely letter reminding me to get my mammogram, there's a sentence in there that says, "Having a personal history of colon cancer could you more at risk for breast cancer."


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I am sending a big hug. You have been through so much---yikes!!!!

Enough is enough .

Hang in there as you begin another treatment. I know you will kick that cancers butt.

Love, Maureen

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