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Does lung cancer spread to colon?

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I'm asking this for 2 of my best friends. Their mom has lung cancer, chemo, surgery 3 weeks ago, developed MRSA and gas from surgery wasn't abating. Doctor put her in a coma (still) and did a colonoscopy a few weeks later to relieve the gas. A leision/ ulcer was discovered but not dealt with due to the circumstances. My friend asked if lung cancer ever goes to the colon? I know rectal (and sometime colon) cancer goes to the lung but could not answer her.

Does anyone know?

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Whenever I don't know something (which is often!), I look for the answer on the internet. Some sites are better than others, but I try to look for the medical ones and check what they say with what I've heard about in the past. I did not know the complete answer to your question so I googled and found the following: "While lung cancer can spread to any organ in the body, certain organs -- particularly the adrenal glands, liver, brain, and bone -- are the most common sites for lung cancer metastasis." The only one that surprised me was the adrenal glands. The other three I have heard mentioned again and again. By the way, taking fosamax or another bone strengthener slows down the mets to the bones. The breast cancer (I have both) researchers seem to think it limits the places the cancer stem cells would like to set up camp in and it also strengthens whatever bone is healthy. It's worth talking to the oncologist if you are worried about mets since many folks can take fosamax or one of the other bone strengtheners without much of a problem.

Could lung cancer ever travel to the colon? What I found suggests that anything is possible. However, it is also possible to have more than one kind of cancer.

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Yes, it does -- rarely. Husband diagnosed 2010 (Feb) stage IIB lung cancer, adenocarcinoma.Lobectomy in May, 2010. Feb 2011, Pet scan lit up in splenic flexture. Colonoscopy revealed tumor. Pathology report was adenocarcinoma of of lung mets to colon.
Surgery June 2011. Lymph nodes removed during surgery around tumor also positive for mets.
Pet scan Feb 2012, area lit up again. Colonoscopy revealed another tumor. Pathology revealed adenocarcinoma (lung origin). Another surgery is now scheduled. He has also had chemo with Alimta and Cisplatin (2010), chemo with Taxol and Carboplatin and Avastin (2011) and after surgery will most likely be doing chemo or maybe radiation.

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