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had RAI pill last week-are you in isolation now? if so lets chat

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home in isolation in my living room. was told to use same plate & utensils all week rather than disposables. have 1 trash bag I am keeping for trash that i will then keep till end of month before throwing out. watching LOTS of tv which is kind of fun because i don't usually have time for that. stayed on rai diet for 3 more days after i took pill even though i was told i could go off it next day. didn't find this diet too bad because i eat plain anyway and i was able to use iodine free salt. Have not had any of the rai side effects either. been lucky so far. how about anyone else out there??

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Hi....I am 10 weeks post RAI for my Papillary Thyroid cancer. I am here if you have any questions, thoughts or rants. It's been rough for me with the extreme fatigue, muscle weakness and loss, total body pain and sleepless nights. I had 150 MCI . I had the Thyrogen injections so I did not have to stop my Synthroid. I am on 137 mcg and feeling hyper.....Just wanted to share my experience with you and see where you are at. I have had a lot of weight gain too. Have you had any of these side effects yet?

PS...try the Biotene gum to help with the salvary glands.

Best, Julie

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thanks for your reply. I am not having any side effects from the RAI. i feel as though I am waiting for other shoe to drop . i had 100 mci and i am now on 125mg synthroid. had a lot of fatigue on the 100mg synthroid. I find everyone has different advice for the isolAtion period. i was told NOT to use disposable plates, forks,etc. i am using one fork, plate, cup, etc And washing it after each use. It seems i was advised that the less nuclear trash i make the better. i am using tissues as napkins and flushing it. i am following the advice of my nuclear dept. i keep reading reading reading. i am under the careof an endo dr. i think i wil get a 2nd opinion from an oncologist if my scan comes back with any surprises.
thanks for "listenening"

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I am going tomorrow to the hospital for RAI, my doctor prefer that I stay the first two days at the hospital. I will also have 100mci, and I am on 150mg Syntroid.
Any last minute advise about what you need during isolation period?

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Hi Folks. I had my RAI in hospital on 2 April. UK method (for the strength of RAI I needed), required me to stay in a lead lined, en suite room for 4 days, with no contact with the nursing staff other than food and drink being passed into the room. A Nuclear Medicine staff member came in twice a day and measured my radiation, otherwise I had to amuse myself with TV and DVDs, magazines and books. After the 4 days, my levels were low enough to go home, after a couple of scans, but I had to keep away from children and pregnant women for 12 days, and cannot father any children for 6 months! Only downside, so far, is that I appear to have a reduced immune system and, somehow, have managed to go down with a nasty bout of influenza. I now have to wait until the middle of May for the scan results (you cannot rush the National Health Service).

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