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Help for a Friend PLEASE - Cervical Cancer with Mets to Breast?

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Hi -- I hope everything is doing well. Prayers are always there.

I come from the breast cancer forum. I have a friend who was dx with cervical cancer in her 20's. She is now 47, and found a lump. They did a biopsy and the biopsy is not consistent with a type of breast cancer (unless it's a rare type?). They suspect it's a mets from her cervical cancer. Has anyone experienced this? And how common is it to get cervical cancer mets, after 20 years?

Thank you all for your feedback/help.

God bless you.

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Essentially 100% of squamous carcinoma of the cervix which recurs does so in the first 36 months. This is a second primary, definitely not from the cervix cancer. Pathology may or may not sort this out, but it definitely is not from her past history.

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