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Cervical Cancer Recurrence Symptoms

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I was diagnosed with stage 1b cervical cancer in Feb 2010. I had rad hyst via Davinci operation in May 2010. Was diagnosed with breast cancer stage 2 in July 2010 (I know...cruel set of circumstances). Had partial mastectomy, chemo, radiation. Cervical cancer took a back seat when I was diagnosed with breast cancer as treatment was more intense. I am almost two years out from both. I have had checkups every 6 months for my cervical cancer and am due to head back next week. I have been having pelvic pain/cramping. No bleeding, no weight loss, slight discharge. My energy evels have been horrible since both my cancer diagnosis and treatment. I am worried about recurrence. I have read the chances are high in first two years. Anyone have a recurrence? What are symptoms? I am worried. Have two young kids and just don't want to go back on this cancer journey again.

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Wow, you have been battling cancer from every angle! I pray you are victorious. I am not sure of symptoms of recurrence for cervical cancer after hysterectomy. I can understand why you'd be worried, although many things can cause the symptoms you are experiencing, so try and take a deep breath and relax. Talk to your doctor about it, and if really concerned, ask for a pet/ct for reassurance. I am sure it is hard not to jump to cancer recurrence after such a fight with cervical and breast. Hopefully, just a passing nuisance. Good luck!

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