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wedge resection

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I had a wedge resection on Feb. 16th. They took out a nodule about a half inch in size. Came home on the 19th. Pretty sore. still am. Mostly on the outside area around the incision. I get winded easily, but that's getting better.
I won't see my oncologist until some time next week. Don't have and appointment,yet. However, the pathology report is back. It is the same cell as my kidney tumor. That's clear cell renal cell carcinoma. I won't know about any type od treatment until I see my oncologist. I've heard some rumblings about Sutent. I don't know much about it nor do I know it will be recommended. All I know is; it's super expensive.
I would welcome some questions that I should be asking my oncologist.
Good health to all.

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I can't be sure from your post, but I get the sense you had a secondary tumor removed - is that the case?

Questions I'd ask:
1. Furhman Grade of tumor
2. Where any lymph nodes affected
3. What other scans do I need - if there are signs of spreadhing you should have Chest, Pelvic, Lung and Brain scan to assess the areas where it could spread
4. If treatment is to be undertaken, fully understand first the options as to what drug is being recommended and why - also understand all the side effects and what to do should they occur

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There are several drugs available, I think Texas Wedge knows way more than me about the meds, but the questions should be around what drugs are available, which one your oncologist thing is most apt, why so, side effects (very important), sustaining quality of life. Have they discussed IL2 ?
Expensive yes, worry about that later, they are all expensive, drug mfg. company can assist if needed, or the state would.
Ask them, push them to find out, if not, go elsewhere, get 2 more opinions.

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Hey R,
I can say for sure that the subject of IL2 has not come up; much less been discussed. I don't even know what it is. But, I will definitely ask about it.
My main objective through out this cancer has been quality of life. So, side effects to a chemo treatment is a concern of mine. But, then, so is longevity. As far as expense goes; well, I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. I do have a pharmacist in the family
(a relative by marriage). So, that does leave me some sort of an option as far as info and cost is concerned.
My next appointment with my oncologist will be some time next week. That visit will certainly answer a lot of questions.

Thanks for your response.
Be well.


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Hey newenglandguy,

Originally, I had a radical nephrectomy of the rt. kidney on 3/15/2010. The pathology report on the nephrectomy showed 3rd stage renal cell carcinoma. This wedge resection was indeed the removal of a secondary tumor. Prior to this last surgery; my treatment consisted of a ct-scan (neck to pelvis) every 4 mo. and some blood screening at the same time. No brain or bone scans have been taken... yet.
Except for this last surgery, the last 2 years have been very healthy and relatively uneventful. I'm fully aware of this next stage being a radical change in my treatment phase. I would just like to move forward with it. But? .... I won't be seeing my oncologist until sometime next week. That consultation should be quite informative; to say the least.
I will ask the questions you've suggested. One of my daughters is a nurse and can help me understand the technical medical jargon.
All in all, I have close ties with my family and a lot of support. All things considered; I'm doing very well.

Thanks for your input.
Be well.


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