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AML questions

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I am going to be really blunt with my questions here because even though I have read about AML online.. I am still completely confused by it all.... My cousins 20 year old son was diagnosed with AML in October of this year and has since had 3 week long rounds on Chemo the last started the day after Christmas... They are having a problem finding him a donor and my questions is.... will he die if one is not found? Can he survive on chemo alone.. and how long will he be able to keep having chemo.. My cousin is sort of burying her head and not really answering the families questions... she cries every time she tries to talk about it and we don't want her or her son to get upset so we try not to ask to much.... but it is getting to the stage where we are all concerned.... how long can he survive without a transplant... can he get sick from being around others who have a cold for instance??? I have so many questions as I know nothing about this type of cancer..... any input would be great
thank you

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To better answer your question I would need to know what- if any chromosomal abnormalities he has. Are the doctors saying he is in the favorable, intermediate or unfavorable catergory. I'm 29. I was dx with AML 06/10. Because I had no chromosome abnormalities, they left the decision in my hands wheather or not to get transplant {ALTHOUGHT THEY DID SUGGEST IT]. There are certain types of AML that absolutely need to be transplanted, other may do fine on chemotherapy alone. If they can't find a donor- related or unrelated, there are other options. Haplo identical and core blood. If the hospital isnt offering these options, its time to find another hospital and fast! I'm going to be really blunt also, as a aml/transplant survior who is now in great shape, tell your cousin to quit the crying. It can be hard at times, but it was so important for my own journey to be strong and proactive. Not bury my head and cry. Having an attitude of, I WILL BEAT THIS!! Discuss and research every possible treatment. Know the insides and outs of the disease. And if your not in a hospital that spealizes in stem cell transplants, get to one. And yes, the chemo knocks his white cells out, therefor he should stay away from people who are sick. He dosen't have the immune system right now to fight infections.

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You'll probably have better luck with locating a good center if you let everyone know where he is located. They all do charity care.
Good luck

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and still here...stay positive and ask any questions :-)
Stay strong and blessed be x

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