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Olive and Coconut Oils

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I generally use olive oil in cooking and baking, and reading more on benefits of coconut oil. Picked up my first container of coconut oil and anxious to start using in my daily routine. Do remember my nutritionist recommending not using olive oil when temps are above 350 or so. Anyone have input on how to use each of these oils and benefits?

One area I've transitioned is using olive oil for skin moisturizer, mainly on my face. As well, have read it has great benefits for our skin...that'll be my next step.

Appreciate input...


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You have found two of the four oils that are good for us. And you're right about not using olive oil for higher heat cooking. The better choices for higher heat are refined coconut oil (spectrum brand has two kinds, one for medium heat and one for higher heat); avacodo oil; and organic grapeseed oil.
I've actually used the higher temp. coconut oil to make healthy fried chicken and onion rings - using almond meal as the "breading" and frying in the oil.
You can use the unrefined coconut oil for unheated foods, like unbaked cookies with organic caocao powder and nuts added and rolled into balls. You can also use it as a moisturizer, hair conditioner, and the list goes on and on...
Bon appetit

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