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stage 4 lung cancer and brain please help me!

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February 24, 2012 - 4:27pm

mother has stage 4 lung cancer and brain

Hi, i am new here. I feel like it would help me and my family in dealing with my moms condition in joining here. I cry like evryday, I live here in Canada but my mom and 2 sisters were in the Philippines. Last Januar, my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer that spreads to her brain. As of now she's doing okey, the only thing that is bothering her is the pain in her lower back. Is there realy a survivor for lung cancer? It would really make me happy if someone out there would write to me about their battle with these horrible sickness. Please help me...im having panic attacks everyday just the thought of loosing her. We don't want to give up, but we don't have enough money especially for her medications

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These boards are filled with success stories. It must be horrible for you being so far away.

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Its not easy, you go to work everyday but your mind is with her. I can't sleep, can't eat. I feel like im always sick to my stomach.


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I am sorry that your mother is suffering from this terrible disease.Being far away im sure is just heartbreaking for you.I can say that if you keep reading, on this site and other sites that tell you about how people are living/coping with lung cancer diagonosis and how they are handling it, it will help you to help your mother and your family, and ultimately yourself.

Maybe if there is alternative medicines available to help with your mom.I really don't know for sure, but maybe chinese herbals,etc...just trying to help...understand that money is an issue for meds.Will the government help with anything inthe Philippines?I am not familiar with the health system there.

I will pray for your mom and you and your family for peace and comfort.My dad has nsclc stage 4 now.He is on chemotherapy now.Please pray for him.

Stay Strong,Cathy

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Thank you for responding to my message, and for your kind words. Being far away from "her" is not easy. I love her with all my heart....knowing that she's in pain breaks my heart. The worst part is that we don't have enough money to support her. Right now im working really hard and then send her my earnings every week. I am tired physically and emotinally. I want to go home to see her...but that would make me stop working. I don't know what to do anymore. Our government doesn't have any organization that support people for their medication. I often hear other people from the Philipppines saying "cancer is for rich people only". I always try not to cry everytime we talked over the phone. I hope and pray that everything will be okey for her and to all the people with cancer.

I will surely pray for your dad...and i hope someday when we write again both of them are well and healthy...

Thelma Villamor

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Please go back through the pages of this forum and look for topics started or answered by a lady named stayingcalm. This wonderful woman lived for many years with stage 4 lung cancer with mets to the brain (I believe) at least partly through a combination of willpower and resilience.

She stayed current with available treatments, trials, and so forth, and showed no hesitation in taking on new treatments when old ones seemed to be becoming ineffective. She lived for a number of years playing this game with cancer and while I am sure she suffered from the effects of some of the treatments, she almost always seemed to express as well her joy at keeping it at bay, at having her victories small and large. This sort of effort on the part of her and her doctors is often described as a type of maintenance, and you ride with it for as long as you can, for as long you can live with it. Pain management is, of course, critical.

It would be unfair to you and your mom to say that she is going to live long and prosper (stayingcalm would have loved that reference), but choices can be made, positive choices, and there is always hope, there is always humor.

Both you and mom need to determine that you are going to give it your best go, even if it is harder to find proper treatment in the Philippines (I don't know).

Do your best, go forward, and celebrate each day.

Best wishes to mom and her family, friends.

Take care,


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Joined: Feb 2012

Hi Joe, i know that its not gonna be easy especially for my mom, i just wish and hope to GOD that she's one of those who will survive and be well again. Knowing that she's in pain everyday just breaks my heart. The doctors are still doing ttheir test if its okey for her to take Tarceva. And soon she'll start her radiation theraphy for the brain. I will keep posting for my moms condition....God Bless Us ALL.


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