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Large Cell Neuroeondocrine Carcinoma of the Cervix

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Hi folks,

Wondering if any of you have experience with this type of cancer?

My 25-year old daughter was diagnosed about a month ago with squamous cell cervical cancer stage I.

Three weeks ago the PET scan revealed it had metastasized to her lymph system with one pelvic node definitely involved.

Two weeks ago she underwent a radical hysterectomy.

Last Saturday she was released from surgery to recover. The oncologist called her on Monday to come in immediately for pathology results which revealed metastatic large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma. They wouldn't even stage it for us, simply saying that it is "extremely resistant to treatment and very difficult to cure."

Yesterday she finished three straight days of carboplatin and etoposide chemo.

In two weeks she will begin six weeks of daily external radiation with one weekly cisplatin treatment, followed by another round of carbo/etoposide.

Outlook doesn't look good, but we're believing that statistics are the LAST thing we should focus on.

Anyone have experiences or advice to share? Thanks so much!

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I am so sorry your daughter is going through this, especially at such a young age. I am 33, recently diagnosed with stage 2a cervical adenosquamous carcinoma and in the middle of treatment. Though adenocarcinoma is different than the neoendocrine, adenos are also more rare and more aggressive than the more common squamous cell carcinoma. Mine also had metastasized to the lymph nodes, and my treatment plan seems to be similar to your daughters. I did three rounds of high dose carbo/taxol and have just finished my first week of cisplatin and radiation, 4 more weeks to go. They plan on two or three more high dose carbo/taxols at the completion of radiation. These are aggressive treatment plans and the effects are starting to catch up with me. Definitely leave the statistics at the door, your daughter will fight hard and can win this war. It's a hard road, as I am learning, but keeping optimistic and lending as much positive support to your daughter will make the entire journey more bearable, believing that the outcome will be in her favor, which I believe for her as well. Good luck. My thoughts and prayers are with your daughter as well as every life this terrible disease touches.

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