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Attended Medical school Lectures

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I just returned from a trip to Loma Linda California to visit my Daughter who is first year Medical school student. They had a 'family day' for the first year students and their parents.

As many of you know Loma Linda is known for their work with Proton treatments for Prostate cancer. My own father was treated their. I had visited the Proton center before.

My wife and I attended three different class room lectures for the students, attended a nice banquet and then a tour of the anatomy lab.

I found the one lecture extremly interesting since it dealt with the mechanisms and control of micturition. Or in laymens terms 'peeing'. The instructor talked at length about the prostate and the various zones of the prostate to the students. Of course my daughter all ready new much of this since my 'educating' her on prostate cancer!

The cadaver disection was very interesting to see the internal organs. They had not started disecting into that area of the pelvis yet so didn't get to see an actual prostate but it should be coming up shortly in one of their upcoming labs.

My wife and I get to repeat this event in Late March when we will be visiting my oldest son who is also first year medical school student at Cornell in NYC. It will be interesting to compare the tracks of studies from Cornel to Loma Linda.

Larry (lewvino)

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Larry, wow. What a great opportunity. I envy your exposure to this. Like many of us on this forum I have taken a much deeper interest in all things medical since my diagnosis. I hope you keep us posted on the neat things you're going to see.


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Interesting to know of your interest on the anatomy.
I am glad to know of your family of doctors.
You are in good hands.


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