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Does your Onc Use CA125 as MMMT Marker?

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Am a bit baffled.

For nearly a year, my onc has said nothing to me about CA125. I always checked my blood test results and it looked as if they didn't always test for it. When they did (4-5 times), it was always less than 15.

Since finishing all treatment in late August, NOBODY at my center has kept an eye on my blood counts--even after I needed two transfusions near the end of treatment.

It was I who had to ask if I shouldn't still be having a blood test every three months or so.

THe answer was "No, we don't check your blood routinely anymore; you can do that at your internist's ofice. "

Yet after I made this inquiry, I got a call yesterday from my onc's assistant saying, "Yes, we'd like to check your CA125 every three months."

When I protested that my onc, during my 3-month checkup with her in November, had never even mentioned this, the assistant said, "I just checked with her now and we think it might be a good idea; besides, it can't hurt."

So I'd like to know how many of you have an onc who vigilantly watches your CA125. I had always heard it was NOT a reliable marker for carcinosarcoma.

As for the claim that it "can't hurt to check it," I beg to disagree. It subjects us to worry and tension four times a year that might be unnecessary.

Would like your opinions.


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The day I had my cancer surgery, my CA 125 was 8. So my gyn onc pretty much knew it was not a marker. She does not test it but my alternate, close-to-home gyn onc does have me get it checked every 3 months. Since I know it is not a marker for me, I do not stress over it. Mine has been 9-8-11-9 over the last year.

On the other hand, my Hopkins gyn onc has wanted a CT scan every 6 months, whereas the other one does not. It's a balancing act, emotionally.

So I go to Hopkins for the 6 month checkups because I want to get the CT scan. I think that Hopkins's equipment is more up-to-date too.


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My gyn onc has never mentioned it even as an option. I'm going to ask at the next doctor's appointment, though since its never been done, not sure how they would know if it could be used as a marker for me.


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