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Drinking, as in booze

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So its been 28 days since my surgery. I am doing well I would say. Wounds are all healed up, I can do most of my normal activities. Walking around the mall and on the treadmill. Noticed I cant eat large meals cuz when I get full I get uncomfortable, like it pushes on the kidney. Anyone notice that too? After walking all over SF I did get a bit achy in my upper abs so I had to rest, assumed they havent all the way healed. My doc says live life the same and that is what I am trying to do. Only thing that bothers me is the drinking. I am 28 so I do have a social life that involves wine and drinks on the weekends, and random week night. I noticed that with two glasses of wine I get a ache in the lower back right side, where I lost 40% of the kidney. Does everyone else drink or have they stopped? How long after surgery until you had your first vino? I love my wine nights with the girls and so desperately want to go back to a normal life, but is it okay to do so. I am a bit of the paranoid type.

Cant believe that four weeks ago I had cancer! I still stop and think how insane it is. I think I cant wrap my mind around it. Has anyone tried a therapist or shrink? Maybe it will help me cope if I talk to someone who might understand more. I think I might try acupuncture too since I got all my insurance met and now it is free. The chiropractor felt amazing, cant believe how tight not moving makes your shoulders.

I still cry most days for no reason, like sad over a commercial or overwhelmed by reading about cancer at a bookstore. I think its normal to cry. What I have been through is insane, I just wish my friends and family understood.

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I totally understand what you are saying ... there's no shame in crying and expressing your emotions - this is not a small thing you have been through. Your life and existence have been tested, you've had cancer, and it all happened really fast! The good news is you have survived it! Talking to someone about that would probably be a great thing for you. If you are wondering if you should - then you should probably try. If having cancer has taught me anything it is that I am going to follow my instincts and desires and live life fully.

As for accupuncture - why not? I specifically asked my doctor if I could go to massage therapy for the same reason. Before surgery I received a bunch of gift certificates for massage because my family was trying to help me get my blood pressure and stress level down before surgery. Thinking I am going to use them now and see how it goes!

I am 5 weeks from surgery today and had my follow up with my doctor yesterday and he told me the same thing - live life - but also cautioned me to be aware of what goes into my body. No real surprises - he says to avoid smoking, second hand smoke and McDonald's... and eat healthy things without getting so nuts that you give in to an all soynut diet or something crazy. You are only a month out...have a glass of wine if you want but don't overdo it... your body is still healing and your tolerance for eveything - food and wine included - will likely increase as time passes. Socializing with friends and enjoying life is really what it's all about, right? You're life has been saved - go live it!

Personally I feel like I dodged a huge bullet and have been given a second chance at life...and I'm not going to waste it! Good luck to you Girlypants!

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The way I look at it is , don't deny yourself simply pleasures. I had 2 beers last night. Before my cancer that may have been 4. My dr. told me that a few drinks will not hurt, just don't over do it. The last thing you want is a hangover and the dehydration that comes with that.

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I am 5 weeks post-op and have just recently started to have a couple of beers here and there. The only thing different for me is I have to pee a lot more. I guess having 1 kidney is going to tame my appetite for Mich Ultra somewhat. Also, I spend a lot of time teary eyed and emotional. Recently I find that I am just plain angry. What is wrong with me? I should be so thankful for a second chance. Why am I so mad?

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Don't beat yourself up Jackie - you've been through a lot and that is going to bring up all sorts of emotions. Let it happen and let yourself grieve what you have lost - and almost lost - and I bet once you work through that you will eventually reach that point of thankfulness and peace you think you should have. One caution though - don't let that anger bottle up and turn to stress... find an outlet for it or someone to work it out with. It's a whole new world!

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I must admit that I am concious of knowing that I have only one kidney. I don't want to screw it up. Considering, that my mom and sister both ended up on dialysis before they died. That being said, I also know that at stage 4, I often ask myself, " What am I saving anything for?" If I owned a 3 piece suit, I'd use it to paint the house or mow the lawn. So I still enjoy a few beers. I just don't over do it.

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does change your attitude a bit, doesn't it, Fox? I no longer feel guilty if I want to hit the DQ once a week - or have a glass of wine or a beer now and then (although I admit to be a serious light-weight when it comes to alcohol). Everything in moderation - except laughter and friends and dogs and books and travel and and and .........

LB ..... N-D-Y

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is a bit sobering LB (esp. along with grade 4) but I'm feeling virtuous - just made my lunch of granary bread and butter with smoked rainbow trout and a salad of watercress, spinach and wild rocket , washed down with pomegranate juice. Unfortunately I have to stay virtuous - after a month of morphine = no alcohol, I'd just got back to usual wine and whisky and gin consumption only to now be on an antibiotic that doesn't go with alcohol :( Still, I suppose it probably means longer in the N-D-Y club with you and Fox! [Just wish I qualified to join Fox on MDX-1106 though.]

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Hey there. I am only 2 weeks out from my left nephrectomy. I too had a lifestyle of Tuesday nights with my close gal pals and a good bottle or two of red. I now can't imagine putting my other kidney under the guns for filtering out alcohol now, then suffering the side effects of dehydration it can cause. I guess I feel the opposite of the others in the group, and please do not misunderstand me. I want to live a long healthy life, and that means making better choices for myself and my family. I can't say that I'll never drink again, but definitely not weekly. Maybe one glass a month. Also, I can relate to eating big meals. Just not going to happen it seems! I'm full after just a few bites. hmmmm....missing my sushi for sure! I have been told to avoid coffee unless I really wash it down with a lot of water (to help my surviving kidney). To avoid processed foods, and high sodium foods. It's a new way of living, but at least I AM!

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