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Liver surgery

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Okay so as the past has been clear dr.s don't tell you everything they tell you what they believe to be true or what they want you to hear. Those that have had liver surgery please give your experiences and thoughts of what to expect following this surgery. They are saying 6ish hours surgery they are definitely taking gall bladder and right side of liver. I am looking for him as well as a caretaker so I can be better prepared. Things I can do to help ease the recovery maybe things you found helpful etc.

Have to be at hospital at 5:30 in the morning. Met with the surgical team this afternoon.


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Hi Renee,

Hope everything is going well for you.

My mom had resection of rectum (about 12 cm) and the right lobe of her liver due to 2 tumors found at that time. The surgery took about 7 hours and operated by a famous doctor in GI hospital in China. The wound for liver was right above the liver, from left belly to the right; also there was one approximate 6-in wound for the rectum in addition to 3 holes. She was encouraged to move as much as possible and every 3 hours we helped her to change her position even from the first day.

She recovered very well. She could eat after 3 days and move around after 5 days. She was in the hospital for 11 days. BTW, she is 62 years old.

Hope this is helpful.


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Renee, i didn't realize your husband was this close to having surgery.....i may have missed a post.
I had rt. lobe of liver, plus 3 sections (at first i thought it was 2) of the left lobe removed, less than a month ago. Was in the hospital 7 days. Of course there was pain, but that's what pain meds are for, so even in the hospital it was all very manageable. I was "cold", more than anything. Surgery probably took 4-5 hours.
They will want him to start walking the next day......very important to do. Press the pain pump button before walking.
When I went home, I may have used a total of 5 pain tablets, then it was very manageable. Within 3 weeks I was back walking about 3-4 miles a day. From day one I was VERY careful about getting out of bed, the car, etc. I just wanted to avoid getting a hernia so I am still careful about those things for a little longer.

My dear caregiver's chief duty was to put my socks on. He got pretty good at it. I owe him big-time.

Everyone is different. I walked, ate fairly healthy, and again.... took my time getting up and down, using my arms more than my abdomen muscles to avoid getting a hernia. He needs to not lift too much for a while after this kind of surgery so he can heal.....so take it easy!

Good wishes.....will be thinking of you.

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Went in at 5a.m. surgery started at 7:30 in recovery by 2:30. Dr. said all went well. They took 70% of his liver mostly the right side and his gall bladder. He lost a lot of blood as well as his bp went really high apparently during surgery which is alarming them but for now seems to be doing okay. His pain was really high after he started coming to and was a 10+ they have had a hard time keeping his levels down, but by the time I left this evening they finally between epidural and hand pump had him down to a 3 and he was zonked. Which is what they don't really want they said there is a fine line and they decided to put him in ICU for the night and watch him. He is definitely not jumping back up on the horse anytime soon. I will head back tomorrow. Before surgery after the dr. mentioned sometimes icu is necessary for this operation he made me promise to not stay with him said no point in me losing another nights sleep from all the interruptions and they will call me if there is an emergency.

So now I guess we wait and watch as the dr. put it.

Thanks for the input


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