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so afraid to travel

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please forgive me because i know it is not life threatening.

My daughter has bought us tickets to travel to Naples Florida and tomorrow we leave. I am so afraid I can hardly breathe. i used to love to travel.....I once hitch-hiked alone from England all over Europe and across Turkey. now i feel like I cannot do this.....

it is 8 years for me of cancer fight....the only place I have been is up to that cottage in the woods....we go by car. I know this is not rational....packing unpacking fussing nail biting.....oh dear....out of the old comfort zone I guess.

Has anyone else felt this way?

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I hate to fly so I usually go into a funk when a trip is coming up. Actually I will get so bad that no one can talk to me without fear I'll fly off the handle. I feel the same though not as bad when I'm taking a long road trip. It's completely irrational and by the time I get to where I'm going I feel great. You are going to have a great time in Naples, it's such a beautiful place. Make sure you drive over to the Ritz while you're there just to walk around. The entrance is so beautiful especially at Christmas with all the white lights on the Palm Trees lining the drive.

You're right, you are going out of your comfort zone but it will be okay. Just think a whole week in the sunshine with your daughter.

I'm just the caretaker on this wild ride, not going through what you are but even so we get into our own rhythym and yours is being disrupted.

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oh thank you so much.....what is that feeling???? but so good to know not alone....

oh yes I really feel once we get going I'll be good.....

thanks again,


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arrived to the airport, then and with the help of Ativan the rest of the travel was great!

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ole and haha my dearest brave Catalonian....yes all can be done with a wee bit of ativan

I really do believe we cancer people must just feel vulnerable and hurt....

thank you pepe.....you know Canucks....:) :) we are brave facing the north......

going south seems to be a prob....

love to you,

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I haven't traveled anywhere further than 5 hours or so from my home for one score, and two years ago (22 years). It's more of a didn't do it before kids, then didn't fly because of kids, then didn't fly because of cancer, now I can't really afford to fly...

Throw back a few and enjoy, I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time!

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Hi Maggie~
Last September I was offered a business-class trip to Tokyo--as in Tokyo, Japan---you know, that island waaaaaaaaaay over there.
I almost didn't go. Started talking myself out of it. Started feeling strange little body aches and pains ("Is it cancer related???")
But I did go.
And boy am I GLAD I didn't pass up that opportunity. Can you imagine?
I had to have a long hard talk with myself before I went. My conversation went something along the lines of, "Aren't things like this what you've been fighting for? You fought cancer to now be afraid of a thousand 'what-ifs' that will most likely NEVER happen??? Isn't life to be lived???"
I have a visualization technique I like to use, and it involves going up a mountain with two me's: One strong, healthy, confident and calm; the other anxious, nervous, sickly...scared.
The first me is usually toward the top of the mountain, standing close to the cliff's edge in order to get the best view of all the beautiful flowers and animals down below. The second me is barely up the mountain, clinging to the side because she is so afraid.
I have the first me go down to the other me, and gently take her hand and help her up the mountain to see the incredible view.
It works for me :)
I hope you can quiet your fears and find the real you inside who would greatly enjoy Florida. (And if it takes a couple drinks or meds to get on the plane, so what?)
Will be thinking of you~

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Hi Maggie,
You are not alone in the fright of leaving home. It is basically the WHAT IFFFFFFFSSSS.
PLEASE enjoy, GO, it will do you a whale of good. New ideas, new people, new places, You will for a moment forget about the C- word.
Come back and tell us all about the lovely trip, the sun shien and anything exciting you did and have seen.
Have a wonderfull trip.
Hugs, Marjan

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yup whatiffffffffff

have a hug right back


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Joined: Jun 2006

ahhhh you guys are great.....Philly thanks....tommy I love triple love that visualization....thanks....


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I'm waiting for a convict ship to take me back to England. On a more serious note I understand exactly how you feel. Even driving long distances on one of my fishing jaunts I wonder whether I will be well enough to drive home,Hugs Ron. Ps Got totally flooded again last sunday night,we had a thunderstorm that dumped nearly six inches of rain on us ,four inches fell in one hour. PPS have a kidney biopsy tomorrow,fun NOT.:(

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toooo right darling Ronnie.....you just get on that boat you little olde POM you...

oh Ron I am soooo sorry you were flooded again....the mind boggles.....too much rain too much mould....all the very best with the biopsy....it must be very scarey and very uncomfortable....hugs zinging your way

and thanks......mags

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I travel all over....not letting the cancer hold me back. I can't say its all been a bed of roses... I mean when I get gas..I GET GAS...and there have been times on that closed in little plane when the Man farts just came out.... and yes, it was bad...and all the people around me were sickened...and almost mad...and I handled it like this... I just turned my head and looked at the lady next me with a very disgusting look like "my gosh, how could YOU do such a thing in such a small enclosed area"..yes i did!!!! LOL.... Soooooo, you do what ya gotta do. Once you get there you will be so glad you went. Have a good trip!!


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oh Maggie, i started turning down invitations, because what if ? I didn't want to travel to see my family, cause i just needed to be home. Why? i went, had a blast and now make sure i don't sit in too long.
We are having wonderful weather. com'on down and bask in the sun. You will be so happy you did.
Hugs, Judy

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My husband and I just returned from Naples FL. Beautiful on the white sand near the Naples pier. We picked sea shells as we walked in the warm sand under those beautiful skies. Wear a nice hat.

I was afraid to fly when I had low blood levels when I was doing Folfox. My levels were too low to treat so I know it would not have been good to travel. Many here have traveled and done well between treatments.

I hope you work through your fears and have a chance to feel the sun as you walk in the beautiful white sands of Naples. It will warm your heart, soul and body.

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An interesting topic for me as well.

I used to travel so much for work, but when I retired (before cancer) I was glad to stay at the place called home.

However, since cancer I have not been further than the 1 1/2 hr. drive to my folks. The kids have offered to take me places but I have always chosen to stay home.

Like you I have a small trip in the making, just a 5 hr. trip by car, but just as nerve racking I can assure you. I too have been back and forth about going, but am determined to go as it is an outing both my kids will be on...to celebrate their birthdays which are just 10 days apart.

I guess the familiarity of home and routine just add a level of comfort in an otherwise questionable existance.

So you head to Florida and be sure to take sun screen, and I will head out on my trip next month. Have a wonderful time and take lots of pics!


Marie who loves kitties

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dearest Jen, Judy, Nb and Marie......

ahhhh thank you all so much...I know it will be great....somewhere inside I think I know

just slammed and scared from cancer but definitely going....

thank you dear friends


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I learn something new all the time from these boards. Now I know I'm in good company with my anxiety about going far from home. I have always loved travel too. That said, it looks like you've gotten good advice from others to go have a good time in Naples. And that's just what you'll do.

I look forward to hearing about your trip on here. And I agree with the others, nothing wrong with a little help from Ativan to get you on your way.

Have a great trip.

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I had to make a trip to california to check on my dad. i was so nervous. i did pretty good until he wanted to go to Sizzlers. I just had my gallblladder taken out so with all of my small colon gone and no colon wow i had a problem. first the cramps started and i thought i can make it home. then he wanted an ice cream cone. by then i was bent over with cramps. fianlly i snatched his ice cream cone away from him and promptly filled my pants. i shoved him in the truck and cried all the way home. i think the only thing he noticed was his lack of ice cream cone, i have never driven so fast in califonia. so plan ahead for those unexpected moments. i am going to pray you have a great trip and just pay attention to your body. if you get the cramps run really fast. this was not meant to scare u but hopefully make you laugh. i can laugh now.take the ativan.take care, barb

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I started to get anxious as my families summer trip got closer and closer this past summer. I was making excuses why we should not go....weather, my health, money....we went and had a GREAT time.

Take a big breath, get some rest, and wake up to get on with your trip. Have a wonderful time Mags


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Dearest Mags,

I know you are probably asleep already so I don't know if you'll get this before you leave. I'll say a prayer for you and yes, the Ativan will be good. I know you will love Florida when you get there.


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If you do not make that flight I will walk to Canada and slap you silly! ;-)

(Ativan is your friend)


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Yes, I have felt that way. Having cancer took a lot of spunk out of me. Just made me feel way more vulnerable.


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The first time, after dx, that we went, I felt a bit anxious...it's 10 hours nonstop on the plane...but then I asked myself what was bothering me about it, and tackled each feeling as it came...

The biggest was, for me, what happens with the potty on the plane...so I took my own seat covers, and 'double covered' the seat. It was fine.

I HAVE learned, after 6 years and 15 long flights, to eat light the day before, and then eat mainly non-bulk (read non-gassy) stuff to avoid a long toilet.

I think the bigger thing is the courage to go out of your comfort zone, as you said. But another way to look at that is that you were WAY out of the zone with cancer...and you survived, thank you very much!!! I got angry with cancer (even, with the second one, breast cancer, flying to Holland between chemo's) and made up my mind that cancer had gotten ENOUGH of my life....NO MORE!!!!

After your first trip, I'm VERY sure you will be back in the comfort zone...with no trouble!!!

Have a FANTASTIC trip, dearheart...you EARNED the right after battling the beast!!!

BIG dutch hugs, Kathi

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hahahah well with any luck I will not fill my pants.....but truth be told an ice cream cone still makes me crampy....best to avoid.....hahaha good story

okay thank you all once again....what fragile creatures we are.....maybe if i just keep my head under this pillow the jitters won't find me.....

off and away.......mags

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I wanted to provide you encouragement. I travel for work and I am in the midst of a relocation from Connecticut to San Diego. I have been battling cc for 4 years now. I have flown extensively within the US and to Europe as well. I have two trips to the UK upcoming. I leave in two days to finish the relo to California.

Travel has and will continue to be part of this cancer journey. I have not had any cancer related issues.

I think you will enjoy your trip to Florida. You probably will begin hitch hiking again. Turkey!!! You are an adventurous one.

Safe travels


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