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Cervical cancer symptoma

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What symptoms did y'all have before diagnosed?

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Posts: 92
Joined: Feb 2012

Let me retry that.

For those of you that had cervical cancer, what were your symptoms at diagnosis?

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general malaise, spotting, heavy clotting & bleeding with intercourse, weight gain....all the typical things you might experience post-menopausal

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bleeding after intercourse, generalized anxiety, eventually fatigue

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I had a pap smear back in January and they called and said i had moderate dysplasia in my cervix and the scheduled me for another colposcopy in April. Wont waiting that long give the dysplasia time to go to severe or if it is cancer will it spread? I am post menopausal. I still have pain with sex, and i use to bleed after intercourse but i dont now since my periods have stopped. I just have pressure in my pelvis. Can anyone explain this?

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Hi galmysterious1,

Dysplasia is pre-cancerous. It might go away on its own or it might become cancer. My understanding is that cervical cancer develops rather slowly. There are often no symptoms or they mimic menopause. It was 5 or 6 weeks after my diagnosis with 2b cervical cancer before the prep was done and actual treatments started. Mine reached that stage, because I hadn't been going to regular gyn appointments. Since, the doctors are aware that you have dysplasia, it's being watched closely. If it becomes cancer it will definintely be caught early and certainly before it could spread. Read more at http://www.webmd.com/cancer/cervical-cancer/cervical-dysplasia-symptoms-causes-treatments I'm sorry this leaves you with the anxiety of a wait and see situation. Hopefully, yours will go away on its own. Though you can pat yourself on the back, you have taken the necessary steps and if it becomes cancer, you have caught it at the earliest possible moment. Well done!

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Heavy bleeding> short of breath. I was diagnosed with a tumor in my cervix. The first question the Onocologist asked me was, how my breathing was.

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