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update on husbands surgery

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My husband originally didn't get a ileostomy but ended up getting one Sunday because around 2 oclock that morning it popped, luckily he was still in the hospital. He started running a fever and sweating. They sent him down for a ct scan at 12:30pm and by 2:30 he was headed for surgery. His colon tore where they put it back together. He had bacteria all around the area, alot I was told. The surgery took double the amount of time I was told. It took 3 hrs and I was told 1.5 hrs. I was getting very nervous. But all went well and he'll be okay. He has drains in him right now and obviously the ileostomy bag. He also got hooked up to a pique line (sp?) to give him his antibiotics and nutrients. He'll be in the hospital for another week but that's where he has to be right now. My son who is 13 is not very happy, he just wants him home. He's mad that this happened.

Thanks for listening.


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Sorry he had this complication. Hopefully his recovery will be uneventful from here on in.

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So sorry to hear of this latest news but he was lucky to be still at the hospital.

The line for the antibiotics is really a blessing if there is much iv meds to be taken.

Glad he is improving and wish hubby speedy recovery.

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It was very fortunate that your husband was still in the hospital and that they were able to respond so quickly to his distress. I hope he has a quick recovery and can get home soon to your family. I will keep you in my thoughts.


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Hoping for a speedy, uneventful recovery for your husband. Take care of yourself also!


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