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incision question

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Hi All,

In will be 4 weeks post op on Tuesday. I had a lap procedure so I have 3 small incisions, inch or so, and one large one. They have all healed ok but in the last day or so, one of the small ones has gotten a little tender. It feels hard underneath and around the incision and the skin looks a little bruised. Is this normal healing after 4 weeks? Could I have given myself a hernia?

Thanks and health to all,

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Sounds a little like what mine felt like back in 02. Check with the doctor on the hernia questions.


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Snap Wayne!
I had the same 4 cuts and, at about the same time as you have, I noticed what felt like a small hard pipe under my lowest cut, the one nearest to my groin. I was probably too bloated to notice it when palpating the area earlier in my recovery. I remembered to ask my surgeon about it a couple of weeks ago. He said it's just a little bit of scar tissue and nothing to be concerned about. I didn't have any noticeable tenderness but a little bruising which has now dissipated. I doubt whether you've got anything to worry about - it's a bit like the "healing ridge" aka 'the bulge' and pretty standard - but your doc. surely won't mind your asking about it.

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Im 4 weeks gone last week end, all the cuts have healed pretty well ,I have just pressed and poked around my cuts but cant find any tender bits, My area towards my belly button is still numb and does get tender by my waist band rubbing if I have my trousers too tight,good luck and keep looking forward, From Errol in Staffordshire UK

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